New Polling: Social Security In Trouble

There is growing polling data suggesting people believe SS is heading for problems.

A recent Gallup Poll found that Americans, for the first time, list Social Security as the No. 1 domestic issue at 12 percent, ahead of the economy (10 percent), health care (9 percent) and terrorism (9 percent). Last week, the Battleground 2006 poll said that Social Security was the “number one problem for the president and Congress to deal with.”

A recent ABC/Washington Post poll reported that 72 percent of Americans say Social Security is heading toward a crisis that will require major reforms to keep it solvent. Gallup said 51 percent of Americans say that legislation is needed to change the system.

A survey by Ayres McHenry & Associates Inc., a Republican polling firm, said 66 percent of Americans older than age 55 agree the program needs to be reformed.

So letâââs fix it with options that we choose for ourselves. Call it “Personalized Social Security” âââ create a system that gives us each options that let us create a system that is right for each individual.

Dick Morris opines:

Option Aâââ No increase in taxes. No change in the retirement age. A cut in benefits.

Option B âââ No increase in taxes. A later retirement age. The current level of benefits.

Option C âââ An increase in taxes. No change in retirement age. The current level of benefits. (For those who can document higher income levels, there could be a further option of an increase in the ceiling of taxation or a raise in the rate.)

Throw the Bush choices into the mix âââ private investments in exchange for an added tax hike, benefit cut or increased retirement age.

The extent of the various changes should all be calibrated to achieve the central goal: solvency for Social Security.

This sounds like a good idea to me. See Democrats this is how you come to the table, with ideas.

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