Spinning Social Security

Everywhere I turn it’s Social Security. It is all over the news feeds and it is full of misinformation, misdirection and spin. I am getting dizzy.

I have opined on this topic often in the past month, but I must do it again.

First I would like to point out there is yet no actual plan to discuss, and yet all I have read the last month is everyoneâââs opinion on the plan. Why donââât all the political talking heads wait till there is something to actually discuss? Oh, I forgot there is nothing to discuss because only one side is actually trying to do something to fix Social Security.

I am curious has anyone in this country heard just one idea, on anything, from the Democrat party? Because I havenââât, all they do is fight everyone elseâââs ideas.

I just read an article on media matters stating that someone else was spinning the Social Security issue by stating The Presidents plan would only allow 4% of payroll taxes to be invested in private accounts. The article then goes into a full tail spin!

it’s actually closer to two-thirds. Under the current Social Security system, workers pay half of the 12.4 percent payroll tax — 6.2 percent of their salary — and employers pay the other half. The Bush proposal would let workers invest up to 4 percent of their salary (or 64.5 percent of what’s currently taken out of their paychecks for payroll taxes) into a private account.

First that other 6.2% is still the individuals Social Security tax. Just because the employer pays it means nothing. It is the percentage of your paycheck going into social security. Well not really, it goes into the general tax fund but that is another story. Where does the employer come up with that 6.2%? If you donââât think the employer tacks that cost into account when figuring out salaries youâââre naive. All employee costs are figured into salaries.

I think we should be able to put the 6.2% into private accounts. I get 3.25% on a simple checking account at emegrantdirect.com

The bottom line is the author while accusing another author of spinning is spinning out of control.

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Soldiers Cleared In Shooting of Calipari and Sgrena In Iraq

The U.S. Army cleared American soldiers in the death of Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari and the shooting of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena in Iraq. They recommended no disciplinary action following an investigation.

The investigation concluded the incident could have been prevented by better coordination between the Italian and U.S. governments.

The Italians disagree with the U.S. version of events and will release the ruesults of their own investigation.

From the beginning I believed the Soldiers were telling the truth. Sgrena’s original account, from memory, stated they were in the back seat looking at each other when it happened. So how does she suddenly state there were no warnings and that she saw the warning light at the same time the shooting started? Because she was not paying attention thats why.

The Driver still says he was driving slow. Well if that is true, and the soldiers were trying to kill them, why aren’t they all dead?

Their account just doesn’t make sense.

The Kansas City Star

France Rules Against Copy Protections

In an article on Flynn Files:

American judges aren’t the only ones who’ve lost their minds. A French court ruled that DVDs and CDs that have copy-protection technology can’t be sold in France. In other words, the law ruled in favor of the lawless. Looters won. The decision banning the anti-bootlegging safeguard will likely have ramifications in other European Union member states, enabling crooks to more easily siphon profits from recording artists and filmmakers. Ironically, the case stemmed from a man who sought to dub his copy of Mullholland Drive, perhaps the worst movie ever made and certainly one that nobody in a right mind would attempt to duplicate.

How can protecting your product from being stolen be against the law? Oh wait, this is a country that does not believe in self defense, so I guess making a theives job harder is not allowed either.

“Stores will probably not have to send back products already in stock,” Dourgnon said Tuesday. “But in the future, no DVD or CD that has the device can be sold.”

France, along with other European Union members including Germany and Spain, has laws guaranteeing the right of consumers to copy recordings they have purchased for private use.

So how do they know when they are copying the recordings for other then personal use?

The defendants also were found guilty of violating French consumer protection laws, which state that a vendor must notify consumers of a product’s essential characteristics.

I am so glad I live in the U.S. where I do not have to put up a sign on my house warning burglers I am armed.

In my opinion the Studios should not allow their movies to be exported to France and any other country that takes this position. Let them live on European movies; that would be punishment enough.

Terrorists In Iraq Kick It Up A Notch

From an article on FNC:

BAGHDAD, Iraq âââ Insurgents set off at least 17 bombs in Iraq on Friday, killing at least 50 people, including three U.S. soldiers, in a series of attacks aimed at shaking Iraq’s newly formed government. An audio tape by one of America’s most-wanted insurgents, Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, warned President Bush there was more bloodshed to come.

An association of Sunni Muslim clerics, believed to have links with the insurgency, saw little prospect for peace as long as U.S. forces remain in Iraq.

“We don’t believe that the government will solve the problems of an occupied Iraq. We don’t trust the government,” Harith al-Dhari, head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, told Turkey’s Anatolia news agency. “We don’t see hope because the occupation is continuing.”

“You, Bush, we will not rest until we avenge our dignity,” al-Zarqawi said in the audiotape that was posted on the Internet. “We will not rest while your army is here as long as there is a pulse in our veins.” He threatened more attacks against U.S. forces and warned against collaborating with Americans.

“We see these attacks as another desperate attempt by the terrorists to discredit the newly formed Iraqi government” and “drive a wedge between the Iraqi people and their right to choose their own destiny,” the military said in a statement.

Gen. Wafiq al-Samarie, Iraq’s presidential adviser for security affairs, urged Iraqis to stand up to insurgents.

“Today too many car bomb attacks took place, but this is not the end,” he said in an interview with al-Jazeera television. “Our people should stand up against these criminals. … Security is everybody’s responsibility.”

If you want to read all the details the article is quite in depth.

The Terrorists are getting desperate and are pulling out all the stops. Things will likely be hot for a while. We have to keep our resolve as a nation and not let the terrorist succeed in making the U.S. pull out of Iraq.

Giving up has been our mistake in the past, Vietnam being the first and then when we pulled out of Mogadishu. That was truly humiliating and led the arab world to believe we were weak, a “Paper Tiger”, as Bin Laden put it. Well now we are going to have to prove our metal to the world. Because that previous behavior encouraged the terrorists to attack us and gives them strength now.

Kweisi Mfume’s Sexual Troubles

I recently learned that Mfume is running for the U.S. Senate, as a Democrat of course. Here is his official site that is still under construction.

Now I find this tasty article on the Flynn Files:

Kweisi Mfume is Ghanaian for “Conquering Son of Kings.” Kweisi Mfume is American for “Conquering King of Sons.” The prolific Baltimoran has spawned five sons by four different mothers. Now charges have surfaced that during his nine-year tenure as NAACP chairman, Mfume’s love for the fairer sex got him into a bind again. The Washington Post reports that a number of sexual harassment allegations levied at Mfume played a role in his departure from the NAACP last year. The claims, several of which a lawyer hired by the organization labeled “very difficult to defend persuasively,” included inappropriate touching, relationships with multiple female employees that sparked office cat fights, and promotions for women who partook in relationships with Mfume. So how does the current Maryland Senate candidate respond to the allegations? Mfume told the Post: “I don’t engage in inappropriate behavior.”

I guess he doesnââât consider that inappropriate behavior! He just might make Bill Clinton look reserved. 😉

Ivory Billed Woodpecker Sited In Arkansas

Woodpecker Thought to Be Extinct Is Sighted in Arkansas.

From an article in the NY Times:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 28 – The ivory-billed woodpecker, a magnificent bird that ornithologists had long given up for extinct, has been sighted in the watery tupelo swampland of a wildlife refuge in Arkansas, scientists announced today.

The birders, ornithologists, government agencies and conservation organizations involved had kept the discovery secret for more than a year, while efforts to protect the bird and its territory went into high gear. Their announcement today provoked rejoicing and excitement among birdwatchers, for whom the ivory bill has long been a holy grail: a creature that has been called the Lord God bird, apparently because when people saw it they would be so impressed they would utter an involuntary “Lord God!”

“This great chieftain of the woodpecker tribe,” as John James Audubon described the ivory bill – with its 30-inch wingspan, stunning black and white coloration with red on the male’s cockade and a long, powerful bill – was once found in hardwood swamps and bottom land through the Southeast. As the forests were logged the numbers of birds decreased, until the ivory bill, the largest American woodpecker, faded from view. The last documented sighting was in Louisiana in 1944.

I think this is good news because it is a beautiful bird, but I am afraid what this will mean for the residents of the surrounding area. A Bird that was thought extinct has an ominous cloud of Governmental and Environmentalist foreboding.

Chemical Plants At Risk For Terror Attacks

From an article on FNC:

WASHINGTON âââ A terrorist attack on chemical plants lacking enough federal oversight could cause mass casualties, a former homeland security adviser to the White House told senators on Wednesday.

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine (search) also testified before the panel, telling colleagues that in his state, 11 chemical plants are considered high-risk sites. One of them is just a mile and a half from the Holland Tunnel into New York City. He said hundreds of thousands of lives are vulnerable if something were to happen there.

Also attending the hearing was the head of the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (search), the commission that investigates and determines the cause of deadly chemical accidents. Carolyn Merritt, who was appointed by President Bush, said that her board concluded that many communities may be vulnerable and inadequately prepared for a major chemical release caused by either an accident or an attack.

Merritt explained that protections today are not adequate enough to prevent a tragedy on the scale of one of the deadliest accidents in modern history âââ the Union Carbide Corporation poison gas leak in Bhopal, India, in 1984 that left 3,000 dead and 200,000 permanently injured.

“The death toll of the Bhopal accident was extraordinary, but the accident itself was not,” she said. “The amount of toxic material released âââ 43 tons âââ would fit comfortably into just one rail car.”

John Stephenson, director of natural resources and environment at the Government Accountability Office, offered more alarming statistics.

“Chemical facilities could each potentially put at risk more than 1 million people to a cloud of toxic gas. About 600 (plants) could each potentially threaten from 100,000 to one million and about 2,300 such facilities could each potentially threaten from 10,000 to 100,000,” Stephenson said.

Department of Homeland Security officials told FOX News on Tuesday that DHS has no legal authority to force plants to ramp up security. But department spokeswoman Michelle Petrovich said DHS is not waiting for legislation. Inspectors have reviewed security at more than 160 of the 300 plants “of immediate concern” and DHS is helping the most vulnerable shore up security through federal grant programs.