Secretive Afghan Force Makes Drug Bust

From an AP article on FNC:

KABUL, Afghanistan âââ With scarves hiding some faces and guns at the ready, a new secretive Afghan anti-drug squad zoomed into a desert village as part of a crackdown on the country’s booming narcotics trade, authorities said Tuesday.

They seized 2 1/2 tons of opium and 550 pounds of heroin, but hundreds of smugglers sneaked out the back and fled to safety across the Pakistani border just 80 yards away. No one was arrested.

“We are determined to bring to justice the drug smugglers and you will soon witness that all smugglers will be brought to justice,” Gen. Mohammed Daoud, deputy interior minister for counternarcotics, said at a news conference in the capital, Kabul.

During a visit to Washington last week, Karzai rejected the criticism and vowed opium poppy production would be reduced by up to 30 percent this year and his country would be rid of the drug in five or six years.

The United States, Britain and other countries are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the anti-drug campaign. The cash is being used to train police units to destroy laboratories, arrest smugglers and destroy opium crops, as well as to fund projects to help farmers grow legal crops.

However, the drug traffickers have hit back. Earlier this month in two attacks on subsequent days, gunmen killed 11 people associated with a U.S.-sponsored project encouraging farmers not to grow poppies.

I didn’t think he would be able to crack down on narcotics in Afghanistan. I will be extremely impressed if he follows through on his promises.

9 Year Old Girl Commits Murder

What a day in the news. All these kids killing people.

From an article on FNC:

NEW YORK âââ A 9-year-old girl fatally stabbed an 11-year-old girl in the chest with a steak knife during a fight over a ball, authorities said.

The 9-year-old, a fourth-grader whose name wasn’t released, was charged with manslaughter.

Relatives said the girls’ mothers were best friends, and Queen had been invited to the 9-year-old’s home in the East New York section of Brooklyn for a Memorial Day barbecue.

The girls had been playing together, but the 9-year-old’s mother had stepped out to borrow something from a neighbor, police said.

By the time the mother returned, the 9-year-old had plunged the knife into Queen’s chest, police said. Queen stumbled into the hallway and collapsed.

A spokesman for the Brooklyn district attorney’s office said the case would go to family court because the girl is younger than 14.

Ah, my old Paramedic stomping grounds. This was a real bad ghetto, but a 9 year old girl? What is going on?

Neighbors said the 9-year-old was a troubled child.

“She was a little thug,” neighbor Diva McPhatter told the Daily News. “I always asked her to behave, but she was rude. She fought all the time. She was out of control. I’d confront her, but she’d just roll her eyes.”

This is the world Ghetto Rap glorifies..

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Youngest Convicted Murderer Kills Again

From an article on FNC:

In 2001, Lionel Tate, 14, became the youngest person in modern U.S. history to be sentenced to life in prison, after being convicted of killing 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick in Florida. He was 12 at the time of the killing in 1999.

He won a new trial on appeal and went free in January 2004 under a deal that placed him under house arrest for a year followed by probation for 10 years. Now 18, he was arrested May 23 on charges of holding up a pizza delivery man at gunpoint.

We have to stop coddling young murderers. Murder is murder, and must be punished accordingly. Letting him back out was obviously a mistake; and we need to learn from it.We have to stop making excuses for peoples behavior. I don’t care about their age, IQ, drug use, childhood, or sanity; if you do the crime you must be punished for it. There are no acceptable excuses.

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Another Teenager Goes On Shooting Spree

From an article on FNC:

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio âââ On the morning he was to graduate from high school, Scott Moody walked a half-mile to his grandparents’ farmhouse and began what authorities say was the first stop in a gruesome murder-suicide that ended in six deaths.

According to investigators, Moody shot his grandparents with a .22-caliber rifle before heading home, where he went from bedroom to bedroom, shooting his mother, teenage sister and two friends before killing himself.

The only survivor âââ Moody’s critically wounded sister âââ used her cell phone to call for help.

What is going on with these kids today? Are we going to find out he was on ADD drugs as well? I can’t explain this kind of behavior. I had a rough childhood, I had to deal with bullies, and being made fun of, there were always guns around and I never thought about shooting anyone. No one I knew thought about shooting anyone. I never heard of a kid going on a shooting rampage. So what has changed?

Is it societal? Is it the public school system? Is it bad/absent parents? Is it these drugs they’re shoving down our kids throats? Maybe it is a combination of all those factors. I don’t know, but we better figure it out.

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Child Care a Focus in Welfare Overhaul

From an AP article in Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – To do her job as a hospice care worker in West Virginia, Aniya Witherspoon relies on the government to help pay for child care. She now pays $4 a day. Without that federal assistance, her daily bill would run $36. And she only makes $64 each day.

“I don’t know what I could do. I couldn’t pay rent. I couldn’t pay for my car. I imagine I would ultimately lose my job because I wouldn’t have a way to get there,” Witherspoon said. “I work for my money and don’t want to be on the system.”

The outcome will affect not only families on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, but also hundreds of thousands of low-income workers not on welfare. They all compete for subsidized child care through the same federal grant.

The 1996 legislation that overhauled welfare by requiring almost all parents to work, including those with children preschool age and younger, expires June 30.

Legislation now in Congress would reauthorize the program and include a stiffer work requirement.

Wade Horn, the Bush administration’s point man on welfare, recently summarized the philosophy behind that requirement: “Part-time work doesn’t get you out of poverty,” he said.

If some of the nearly 2 million adults on welfare have to work more, that also means their children will need more care.

The Senate Finance Committee has approved a bill that calls for $6 billion over five years in additional money for child care. A House subcommittee has proposed $1 billion over that time.

“It’s not whether they’ll get more for child care. It’s how much more they are going to get that’s in question,” said Rep. Wally Herger, chairman of the House Ways and Means subcommittee that oversees many aspects of welfare.

I think we can all agree that funding child care for working parents is a good idea. We can’t expect them to get off welfare or not get on it if they cannot afford child care for their children. I don’t want anymore latch key kids.

However, I have to ask, why not train some of those on welfare to do child care; and pay them to watch the kids, while the other parents go to work? Would this be more or less expensive?

I mean at $36.00 per child per day, that is $180.00 per five children per day! This seems like a viable option to me.