Chinese People Happy About 9/11 and 7/7

The truth about the Chinese people…

From an Article in Epoch News:

The Chinese Communists always claim that “the old society turned people into ghosts, and the new society turns ghosts into human” (Old society refers to the society that existed before the CCP government controlled China). From their point of view, it is definitely right, because they always take ghosts to be human beings and take human beings as ghosts. In the 50 years of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) regime, it has not only created 80 million ghosts due to unnatural death, but has also educated generations of the Chinese people into “human ghosts,” who don’t have humanity and don’t know right from wrong, and they are the “people” that the CCP likes most.

When the 9/11 incident happened in 2001, I was still in Mainland China. I remember one female colleague told me the news with a big smile and lots of excitement. I could not understand why she did not have any sympathy for such a tragedy, as she was a very good and kind person. Then, when I saw that almost all members of the CCP expressed their excitement and even congratulated each other on the tragic death of American citizens, I started to understand my colleagues. They are people who are educated by the CCP, and who have had hatred instilled in their mind by the CCP.

When I heard about the explosions in London, I expected the public opinion in China to be the same as before. So I visited the two popular Web sites in China, and It was as I expected. Only the “indignant youths” (people brought up in the tradition of the CCP) are less cultivated and less human. People who don’t know the situation in China might have the impression that they are visiting a Web site for terrorists. “The education in China causes generations of the Chinese people to lose their human nature. Web sites are strictly controlled in China. Publicly cheering for terrorists, however, can be freely spread on the Web sites. We can easily see the official direction of China.” This was the opinion of one of the visitors to the Web site. If you read over the words of some Web visitors attached at the end of this article, you might find that the bombers who carried out the London explosions are better than the Web site postings from China. At least they do not publicly encourage people to eliminate London with an atom bomb.

The CCP is a government that instills and instigates hatred against other countries and their people into the citizens of China by all means, and at the same time shamelessly claims that it wants to “rise in peace.” Isn’t the government indirectly supporting terrorism by permitting public encouragement of terrorism via the Internet? China was once a highly moral nation. What kind government would lead its people down the road of supporting terrorism?

How is China better than any other country that promotes Hate, intolerance and terrorism?

Read the comments on a the websites and; by Chinese citizens on London’s 7/7. Just scroll to the bottom.

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3 thoughts on “Chinese People Happy About 9/11 and 7/7

  1. The Chinese people are continually fed an America-is-the-enemy diet by the state media, and they are systematically denied access to contrary information, so how can they not conclude that anything that hurts their enemy (or their enemy’s friends) is a good thing?

    I have many Chinese friends at the university where I work, and I can say that, once out of the propaganda cloud, the anti-American views of most of them tend to soften (not all of them, by any means — many prefer to maintain their cultural isolation even while attending our universities).

    Your question, “How is China better than any other country that promotes Hate, intolerance and terrorism?” is an important one, but it’s also important to understand that, unlike the Muslim world, hate and intolerance in China for the most part propagate from the top (i.e. the government) down.

  2. That is a good point Tim; it is government propagated hate for the purpose of the government maintaining control over the people.

    It also placates the people over the machinations of the government against other countries; especially the U.S.

  3. ‘Zactly. Witness the recent “spontaneous” demonstrations against Japan. With appropriate controls to make sure the events don’t get too far out of hand, it’s “bread and circuses” for the people.

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