Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Behind Canada Tunnel?

This could be an interesting development in the Canada-U.S. tunnel recently discovered.

From an article in Gulf Times (Qatar):

United States federal agents have started an investigation into the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) over a drug link after they detected a tunnel between the US and Canada used for large-scale drug smuggling.

The tunnel was constructed from the Canadian side of the border and it surfaced in the living room of Devendra Raj, who has been described as a South Asian national who lived on the US side of the border, an Asian Tribune report filed from Los Angeles said yesterday.

Raj was the mastermind of the drug smuggling ring and he purchased the house at Lynden, in the northern border town of Seattle in US for the specific purpose of drug smuggling from Canada.

Raj (30) obtained help from Timothy Woo, 34 and Johnathan Valenzuela, 27 to construct the 360-foot tunnel which ran under the highway on the border.

The tunnel, which is the first such tunnel discovered on the northern border of US begins under a Quonset hut on the Canadian side, 300 feet from the border. Built with lumber, concrete and metal reinforcing bars, the passageway was equipped with lights and ventilation and ran under a highway. It was three and half feet high and wide and ran three to 10 feet below ground.

ââÅThey were smart enough to build a sophisticated tunnel. But they were not smart enough to not get caught,ââ? US Attorney John McKay reportedly said. Numerous smuggling tunnels have been found on the US border with Mexico for both drug smuggling and human trafficking.
ââÅBut this is the first tunnel to be discovered on the Canadian border,ââ? he said. ââÅAccused Raj also owns the property where the Quonset hut is located on the Canadian side.ââ?

ââÅThere was a general impression that the LTTE had stopped smuggling after gaining legitimacy,ââ? a South Asian diplomat said. ââÅBut apparently the covert operations are continuing, with or without the green light from Kilinochchi.ââ?

I had not heard of this group before, or at least I don’t remember them, so I did some research.

What are the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam?

From Terrorism: Questions & Answers:

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is a separatist terrorist group that seeks an independent state in areas in Sri Lanka inhabited by ethnic Tamils. (Eelam means homeland in Tamil.) The LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers, have used conventional, guerrilla, and terror tactics, including some 200 suicide bombings, in a bloody, two-decade-old civil war that has claimed more than 60,000 lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans. The U.S. State Department lists the LTTE as a foreign terrorist organization.


Wikipedia of TTLE (pronounced TTL):

LTTE Website.

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One thought on “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Behind Canada Tunnel?

  1. FBI has published this report on the LTTE terrorists.

    At the moment LTTE is being cornered into 5 sq km area in Sri Lanka. The LTTE is using civilians as a human shield to escape the end. The LTTE diaspora around the world are trying their last attempt to save their leader at the moment. There is a lot of propaganda supporting the terrorist published in pro-LTTE media such as BBC (Yes, they have pro-terrorist personnel who are working inside. Lots of Tamils go to European countries claiming they were mistreated because they get a high standard of living not like living in a third world country.) Read the news articles. They are mainly saying, LTTE said… not what the legitimate government is proving) and even Human Rights Watch. You won’t believe.
    Read some articles in

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