Embrace Our Values or Leave

The Australian government has stepped up a campaign against radical Muslims, saying those wanting to live under Islamic law or refusing to accept “Australian values” should leave. At the same time, it plans to monitor mosques to ensure that radical messages are not being taught.

Prime Minister John Howard said Thursday the government wanted “to penetrate the Islamic community and to try and get to the people who are preaching support for terrorism” to ensure that youngsters in particular were not being influenced.

Members of Howard’s cabinet also weighed in against those in the Muslim community holding radical views.

“If you want to be in Australia, if you want to raise your children in Australia, we fully expect those children to be taught and to accept Australian values and beliefs,” Education Minister Brendan Nelson told reporters Wednesday.

Those who did not want to live by Australian values “can clear off,” he said.

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello said on Australian television that radicals who wished to live under Islamic law should go and live elsewhere.

“If you want a country which has shari’a law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you,” he said.

This is an appropriate response and one we should adopt in this country. Those preaching Radical Islam and supporting terrorism must be rooted out and dealt with by either deportation or prison. In prison they just convert more people to their cause so you figure it out.

Anti-War Protestors Target Wounded Vets and Their Families

Washington (CNSNews.com) – The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., the current home of hundreds of wounded veterans from the war in Iraq, has been the target of weekly anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read “Maimed for Lies” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton.”

The anti-war demonstrators, who obtain their protest permits from the Washington, D.C., police department, position themselves directly in front of the main entrance to the Army Medical Center, which is located in northwest D.C., about five miles from the White House.

Among the props used by the protesters are mock caskets, lined up on the sidewalk to represent the death toll in Iraq.

Code Pink Women for Peace, one of the groups backing anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan’s vigil outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas, organizes the protests at Walter Reed as well.

On Aug. 19, as the anti-war protesters chanted slogans such as “George Bush kills American soldiers,” Cybercast News Service observed several wounded war veterans entering and departing the gates of Walter Reed, some with prosthetic limbs. Most of the demonstrations have been held on Friday evenings, a popular time for the family members of wounded soldiers to visit the hospital.

But the anti-war activists were unapologetic when asked whether they considered such signs as “Maimed for Lies” offensive to wounded war veterans and their families.

“I am more offended by the fact that many were maimed for life. I am more offended by the fact that they (wounded veterans) have been kept out of the news,” said Kevin McCarron, a member of the anti-war group Veterans for Peace.

Kevin Pannell, who was recently treated at Walter Reed and had both legs amputated after an ambush grenade attack near Baghdad in 2004, considers the presence of the anti-war protesters in front of the hospital “distasteful.”

When he was a patient at the hospital, Pannell said he initially tried to ignore the anti-war activists camped out in front of Walter Reed, until witnessing something that enraged him.

“We went by there one day and I drove by and [the anti-war protesters] had a bunch of flag-draped coffins laid out on the sidewalk. That, I thought, was probably the most distasteful thing I had ever seen. Ever,” Pannell, a member of the Army’s First Cavalry Division, told Cybercast News Service.

“You know that 95 percent of the guys in the hospital bed lost guys whenever they got hurt and survivors’ guilt is the worst thing you can deal with,” Pannell said, adding that other veterans recovering from wounds at Walter Reed share his resentment for the anti-war protesters.

“We don’t like them and we don’t like the fact that they can hang their signs and stuff on the fence at Walter Reed,” he said. “[The wounded veterans] are there to recuperate. Once they get out in the real world, then they can start seeing that stuff (anti-war protests). I mean Walter Reed is a sheltered environment and it needs to stay that way.”

This is just how sick the anti-war crowd has become, protesting outside a hospital where veterans are recuperating. This is just completely inappropriate. The ends do not justify the means. These people are supposed to be the conscience of the country; I don’t think so.

I don’t care what side of the debate you are on, you need to denounce this kind of behavior.

Code Pink, the group organizing the anti-war demonstrations in front of the Walter Reed hospital, has a controversial leader and affiliations. As Cybercast News Service previously reported, Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin has expressed support for the Communist Viet Cong in Vietnam and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

In 2001, Benjamin was asked about anti-war protesters sympathizing with nations considered to be enemies of U.S. foreign policy, including the Viet Cong and the Sandinistas. “There’s no one who will talk about how the other side is good,” she reportedly told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Benjamin has also reportedly praised the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro. Benjamin told the San Francisco Chronicle that her visit to Cuba in the 1980s revealed to her a great country. “It seem[ed] like I died and went to heaven,” she reportedly said.

Well, I imagine that it would be heaven for an American Communist…

New Mexico Governor Wants Mexican Village Razed

From an article in Reuters:

SANTA FE, New Mexico (Reuters) – New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will seek the bulldozing of a Mexican village to improve border security at a meeting with the governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua this week, a Richardson spokesman said on Tuesday.

Las Chepas is said to be a staging area for immigrants to enter the United States illegally and for other criminal activities, spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said.

An agreement by Mexican officials to raze the hamlet would be “an important step forward for the Mexican government, showing their commitment to work with us,” Richardson said in an interview published on Tuesday in the Las Cruces Sun-News in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Las Chepas, the nickname for the town more officially known as Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, is in a remote desert area along the border. It is said to have 60 to 100 residents who make a living largely by selling supplies to U.S.-bound immigrants.

Hmm, somehow I don’t see the crooks taking this lying down. An interesting development though.

Global Exchange

I just saw a representative of Global Exchange in the news and it motivated me to post this article.

Global Exchange sounds like a nice organization for “Human Rights”, but what is its true mission?


In our Cuba Campaign section, you can access the latest information on the U.S. embargo against Cuba, particularly its restrictions on sales of food and medicine and on travel there by U.S. citizens; find out how to get involved in efforts to normalize relations between the two countries; and read about the Cubans’ dramatic advances in sustainable development as they survive, and even thrive, despite the odds.

This is an out and out lie. We do not block food and medicine from going to Cuba. In fact a bunch of representatives from states recently went to Cuba to engage in agricultural trade. The people who were bringing supplies to Cuba were allowed to bring everything except computers.


Something remarkable is happening in Venezuela. The lives of millions of Venezuelans are improving as historic wrongs are being righted. The world’s fifth-largest oil producer, Venezuela has long been a country of contrasts: despite its great wealth, 80% of Venezuelans live in poverty. Now, for the first time, millions of Venezuelans have access to education, job training, housing, land, clean water, health care, and something maybe even more precious: dignity.

The August 15, 2004 referendum on Hugo Chávez’s presidential mandate reaffirmed the support of the Venezuelan people for the government’s social justice agenda. With a strong social base and a commitment to participatory democracy, the government, working together with social movements, is launching a wide range of innovative programs to fulfill the strong human rights agenda of the new popularly-approved Constitution.

Well, we all know Cuba is a communist country; that is settled fact. But let’s get into the wonderful Venezuela.

Here are some previous articles on Venezuela:
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It is obvious to me that Venezuela is becoming a communist country that is working with Cuba to expand communism in South America. He has confiscated private property to give it to the poor and Chavez has been centralizing his power to include control over the military and the press that the individual from Global Exchange says is free in Venezuela. If you can find one negative article, in the government controlled press, in Venezuela about Chavez feel free to forward it to me.

But you go to their webpage and root around like I did and see if you can figure out where Global Exchange stands. I just listened to their representative rant on how wonderful Chavez is and how democratic his elections where, and how former President Jimmy Carter certified the vote as Democratic and free. Of course they also taught all the communist/socialist programs he has in his country that they want to see in every country including the U.S.

But you go to their website and do your own investigation on Cuba, Venezuela and Chavez. Feel free to come back here and tell me what you have found and how you feel about it. But please inform your political leanings with your information.

To all those that read this blog and think I am a Republican I want to straighten you out right now, I am not. I am not now nor have I ever been a registered Republican. I was a registered Democrat for most of my life; not any longer.

Pro Wrestlers ‘Slam’ Troops With Support

I feel it is my job to balance the Main Stream Media’s (MSM) negative coverage of the war in Iraq; so here it goes…

From an article in the Armed Forces Information Service:
By Samantha L. Quigley
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Aug. 22, 2005 âââ The stars of World Wrestling Entertainment showed their support for the troops during an event at the MCI Center arena here Aug. 21.

The United Service Organizations arranged to have 33 injured troops from Walter Reed Army Medical Center as guests of honor at the WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

The troops got a chance to hobnob with WWE personalities at a reception while some WWE stars and “divas” recorded messages of support for the troops backstage.

Several troops said they were pleased that WWE would show their support in this manner.

“Big wrestling fan, I love it. The USO went beyond expectations,” Army Pfc. Donald Urbany, who was injured in Baghdad, said during the reception. “They’re the stars for me.” Rosey, half of WWE championship tag team The Hurricane and Rosey, returned the accolades, saying the troops are the real heroes.

“When I found out I was gonna do this two weeks ago, I was tickled pink,” Rosey said about meeting with the troops. “These are the boys that go out there and put their lives on the line for us. I’m very proud.”

After the reception the troops from Walter Reed were escorted to VIP seats on the arena’s floor, surrounding the wrestling ring.

SummerSlam officially began with the presentation of the colors by a Navy color guard from the Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center here. WWE diva Torrie Wilson sang the national anthem to kick off the wrestling action and flashy production.

WWE has shown its support for the troops in many ways in the past four years, said Gary Davis, WWE vice president of corporate communications. He said that since Sept. 11, 2001, the organization has rededicated its support of the troops that began during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

The organization has stepped up visits to the troops, including those at Walter Reed and at the National Naval Medical Center, in nearby Bethesda, Md. They also participate in the USO’s Operation Care Package program and provide event tickets through the organization. This is in addition to traveling overseas and performing for the troops.

After 9/11, USO’s Washington chapter contacted WWE, Davis said, and requested free viewing of a pay-per-view event at Fort Myer, Va., which is located a few miles from the Pentagon. The relationship has grown through WWE’s regular offerings of free programming every month.

“It’s been a tremendous experience for us and anything we can do for the troops, we do,” he said. “If WWE and our superstars can take just a moment to show the troops that Americans support them … hopefully they see it’s not just this WWE superstar, this individual, but that this individual represents the majority of Americans who really appreciate what the troops are doing.”

The wrestlers get a lot out of visits wounded troops, Davis said. Those scheduled meetings occur at least monthly, he noted. The WWE stars also often get the chance to visit with the troops in airports and other public arenas.

Linda McMahon, WWE chief executive officer, said these interactions are important because they show her organization supports the troops.

“Our troops are there because they’re fighting our battles for us. They go. They risk they’re lives. They put everything they’ve got on the line,” she said. “I think whatever your politics are, you really need to be supportive of these young men and women who are out there … putting their lives on the line for our freedom, for our benefit, for our privileges that we can have here. The very least we can do is be supportive of that effort.”


Soldier’s Mom Son Injured

I just found out that Soldier’s Mom (blogger) Son was injured in a VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) attack and has an injured spine. He is awaiting MEDEVAC to Germany for further evaluation of his spine. Please drop by for support…

He is in significant pain on any movement of the upper spine (C1,C2,C3) and pretty bad pain in the lower back (“that morphine stuff is good sh*t, Ma!”)… and his brain’s been rattled a bit (took him 10 minutes to remember his birth date) and he says he has lots of shrapnel lacerations on his head… mostly small deep wounds not requiring stitches… though he has some stitches… he still has some tingling in his hands and feet… ringing in the ears… but he tells me not to worry, he says he’s still “pretty” and he even got some girls’ phone numbers while at the CSH… He says he will be in Germany for a while but the damn soldier says he wants to get back to his unit asap!!

Wow! What a soldier! I read things like this and I am just filled with…