CentCom Bulletin 10-17-05

From CentCom:

Pakistani Navy Prowls The Arabian Sea
By Cmdr. Syed Sohail Arshad,
Pakistan AF

Though the 9/11 attack was experienced on US soil, that act of violence
impacted the globe at large. It is why the Coalition nations came together
to bring peace and stability to people everywhere, regardless of persuasion,
ideology, creed or color. A lot has been said about the armies on the ground
and the planes in the skies, but what is sometimes forgotten is the silent
policing of the oceans that occurs as part of the Global War On Terror.

The Maritime Coalition ensures order on the water and stability on the

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Call the âCãlugãreniâ: Romanian Troops Support the Reconstruction of the
Iraqi Army

Story and photos by Captain Carol Florea,
Public Information Officer,
Romanian 2nd Infantry Battalion âCÄlugÄreniâ

The soldiers of the Romanian 2nd Infantry Battalion “Cãlugãreni” came to
Iraq to train that countryâs new Army, and the troops werenât about to leave
until their job was done. Now, having completed their primary task â and
over 1,200 additional missions â the “Cãlugãreni” (pronounced
âCa-LU-ga-renyâ) is going home.

During their mission in Iraq, Romanian soldiers, in cooperation with the
Italian Multinational Specialized Unit, completed three Military Operations
in Urban Terrain/Joint Action Group courses between the 3rd of April and the
14th of July.

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French âGenieâ Makes Tajikistani Wishes Come True
Story by 1st Lt. Sabine Fosseux
Photos by 1st Sgt. Olivier Dubois
Translated by Lt. Col. Benoit de Plinval

You would not know it by their name, but the 40 servicemen of the 25e
Regiment du Génie de lâAir (25th Regiment of the Genie of the Air) are
employed by the French Army.

Working in service of the French Air Force, only their kepis â service caps
â distinguish them from their Air Force counterparts.

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For the children:

The German Task Force Supports the Irene Salimi Children’s Hospital
A version of this story appeared in Aktuell magazine on 18 July, 2005
Translated by Lt. Col. Manfred Gothe, German AF

The future of Afghanistan lies in the hands of its children. Therefore, the
health of the youngest Afghans is of primary importance to the development
of the country. In order to support them as energetically as possible, the
German Task Force of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) VII
helped sponsor the Irene Salimi Childrenâs Hospital in the Afghan capital of
Kabul. This state-of-the-art facility opened in April.

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The Mission of the 5th Infantry Battalion of the Bulgarian Army in Diwanyah, Iraq Continues
Major Simeon Kirilov,
Bulgarian Infantry Battalion,
Ad Diwanyah, Iraq

The mission of the 5th infantry battalion of the Bulgarian army in Diwanyah,
Iraq has entered its fifth month.

The soldiers patrol the Tampa highway, organize convoys, escort people and
cargo, and perform tasks related to the mutual activities of the military
transition team and 1st battalion of the Iraqi army.

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