From Joe Sixpack – A Tim Hines sequel

Several months ago, UB posted the story of US flags burned in front of the home of relatives of Tim Hines, a young soldier killed in Iraq. The flag burning turned out to be a prank by two young teens who didn’t understand the pain they were causing.

The incident was reported in “Stars and Stripes” and that provoked an anguished phone call from my daughter in Baghdad … she was one of the trauma room personnel involved in treating Tim. Despite the severity of his injuries, Tim had survived for about a month and was evacuated back to Walter Reed AMC where he was reunited with his family before passing away in mid-July. My daughter, after seeing the article, wanted to know how people could be so “cruel”.

With the exception of an exchange of e-mails with Tim’s dad (a 24 carat gold American), that was the end of the story for me until I tripped over this article this morning. It is the “flip side” of cruel and reminds me of what makes our country so special.

I thought it appropriate to the Thanksgiving holiday.

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3 thoughts on “From Joe Sixpack – A Tim Hines sequel

  1. Thank you for that LTC! What a great story! Of course, nothing can replace her husband or the children’s father, but it is awefully nice to own your own home free and clear. She even got a full college scholarship for their daughter or son and “An anonymous donor – not connected to the TV show – has provided $130,000 for his children’s education from kindergarten through high school at Cincinnati Christian School,” spectacular! :clap_tb:

  2. The two things that really caught my eye in the article were the anonymous donor that you mentioned and the fact that the first thing the wife asked for was something in honor of her husband, not something for herself and the kids.

    (and thank YOU, Brian, for letting me post it)

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