Border fence completion allowed

In a previous article I reported that In a rebuff to California officials and environmentalists, the Bush administration cleared the way Wednesday for completion of a 14-mile-long border fence that will run through coastal wetlands to the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.

Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff waived environmental laws for the first time since Congress gave him that authority in May. Finishing the last 3.5 miles of fence is expected to cost about $32 million.

Of course, the eco-nuts went to court to stop it, well, the case was tossed out.

From an article in Science Daily:

A federal judge in San Diego has thrown out a legal challenge to the completion of a 14-mile secondary border fence along the Mexican border.

Environmental groups opposed the waiver of laws blocking the completion of a small portion of the fence, which was begun in 1996.

But Judge Larry A. Burns ruled the waiver was not unconstitutional, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The waiver was granted in September by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff who used his authority on national security reasons.

The Left is just not interested, in what’s best for this country.

2 thoughts on “Border fence completion allowed

  1. Methinks there is a far left and a far right … and both are grinding their own axes at the expense of the vast majority in the middle. I’m sick of them all.

  2. I agree, but I cannot read news without tripping over the Left. The Far Right is much quieter than the left. This is why the Right and Republican category is not as full.

    In the left’s defense, they do have an actual agenda to teach people to hate America and capitalism. That is a full time job.

    The Far Right has actually been extremely quiet considering they support isolationism, and are against the war and international involvement by our Country.

    The funny thing is in the extreme the far right and the far left agree on quite a bit. The political spectrum in this country is actually shaped like a horseshoe.

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