New policy stems some illegal border crossings

From the Star Telegram:

A U.S. Border Patrol initiative to press charges against all illegal border crossers caught in a section of West Texas curtailed the number of crossings, officials said.

Under Operation Streamline II, the Border Patrol is working with other agencies to enforce a “zero-tolerance” policy for undocumented immigrants apprehended in the highly trafficked area of Eagle Pass. The border city is about 130 miles southwest of San Antonio.

“The message is to deter entry in the West Texas corridor,” said Hilario Leal, a spokesman for the Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector. “Anyone caught crossing, regardless of nationality, will be prosecuted for entry without inspection.”

In the first six weeks of the operation, 917 immigrants were prosecuted and sentenced to an average of 90 days in prison, Leal said.

This just goes to show if we put more boots on the ground, on the border, it will work. But it has to be the WHOLE border people. That means ALLOT more boots then we are currently getting. Add to that the wall and technology and I think we can finally get it under control.

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IAEA Report Says Iran Has Bomb Plans

Previously I reported how Iran had obtained plans for a Nuclear Bomb, well the U.N. has finally caught up.

From FNC:

A document obtained by Iran on the nuclear black market serves no other purpose than to make an atomic bomb, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Tuesday.

The finding was made in a report prepared for presentation to the 35-nation IAEA board when it meets, starting Thursday, on whether to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council, which has the power to impose economic and political sanctions on Iran.

The report was made available in full to The Associated Press.

In the brief report obtained Tuesday, however, the agency said bluntly that the 15-page document showing how to cast fissile uranium into metal was “related to the fabrication of nuclear weapon components.”

Asked about the finding, a senior diplomat close to the IAEA declined to elaborate but emphasized that the documents had no other use.

The document was given to Iran by members of the nuclear black market network, the IAEA said. Iran has claimed it did not ask for the document but was given it anyway as part of other black market purchases.

The same network provided Libya with drawings of a crude nuclear bomb which that country handed over to the IAEA as part of its 2003 decision to scrap its atomic weapons program.

What more evidence do these idiots need? A complete moron can read my Iran category and clearly see that Iran intends on getting the “Islamic Bomb.” This is not a question folks it is a reality, and the longer the world TALKS the closer Iran gets to making it a reality. Stop making excuses for radical regimes, we are talking NUKES!

Immigrant Groups Try to Convince Us Not To be Tough on Illegal Immigrants

This just made me so happy.

From the Arizona Daily Star:

It was 20 years ago when President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

It made it unlawful to knowingly hire undocumented immigrants. It boosted border enforcement. It created a special class of agricultural immigrant workers and it granted amnesty to nearly 3 million previously undocumented immigrants.

Proponents said it would be a comprehensive solution to illegal immigration.
It wasn’t.

This year Congress is on the verge of adopting another comprehensive immigration law. If it does and President Bush signs it, the new legislation likely will be heavy on law enforcement, further militarize the border, ignore America’s labor needs, threaten the environment and punish undocumented immigrants and their families, said Catherine Tactaquin, director of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights in Oakland, Calif.

“If it passes before the November election, Congress is likely to close the door on immigration policy for years,” Tactaquin said.

If that happens, many immigrants — legal and illegal — will suffer from the new, enforcement-only legislation for years to come, she said.

Well, if this is the reaction to the current legislation being hammered out, GREAT! Making illegal immigration groups unhappy is one of my major goals in life. I hope they are in a real panic! If you don’t like it GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

As far as I am concerned nothing being discussed is nearly tough enough on illegals.

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ACLU Chief Calls on President to Shut Down “Illegal Spying on Americans”

Stop the ACLU reports how the ACLU has taken out anther political ad slamming the President about the State of the Union Address tonight.

The State of Our Union Cannot be Strong if the President Continues to Violate the Law,” Says Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU

Stop the ACLU has the Ad displayed and much more on the Story.

Wounded Newsmen Show Slow Recovery

Yup, go read about it. It is always sad when people get wounded or killed, but this has really brought up how self centered the MSM are right now. I have seen nothing but over coverage of this particular tragedy. Our men and women get wounded in Iraq all the time, and they don’t get this kind of personal coverage. What makes two news people more important than our troops? Nothing; of course to me, they are less important frankly. However, the MSM are extremely narcissistic and think they are the most important people in the world.

This brings up another thought, is embedded reporters a good idea? I imagine they are a distraction to say the least, and when one gets injured or killed it is a major tragedy, and our troops get blamed for not protecting them better. Maybe we should just let them operate on their own.

Contacts With Lobbyists Cut Back

There seems to be some fallout to the Abramoff Lobbyist scandal.

From WaPo:

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are canceling their regularly scheduled meetings with lobbyists as the fallout from the Jack Abramoff scandal continues to roil Capitol Hill.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said it has ended its biweekly meeting between congressional chiefs of staff and lobbyists, and the Senate Republican Conference suspended one of its regular lobbyist cattle calls as well.

A Republican conference aide said that after a review of its programs the conference would no longer hold its biweekly, Tuesday morning meetings led by Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), chairman of the Republican conference — at least for now. It was unclear whether other gatherings with lobbyists hosted by the Republican group were also suspended.

“We will focus our outreach efforts to all communities around our priority issues,” the aide said. “Therefore, we are suspending pursuant to subsequent decision.”

Phil Singer, spokesman for the Democratic campaign committee, confirmed that the Monday Group was also ending its regular meetings, which often attracted as many as 50 lobbyists. That decision was first reported in the newspaper Roll Call.

“With the 2006 campaign in full swing, the DSCC is focusing its energies on winning races and picking up seats,” Singer said. But he added: “We will continue to periodically update activists about our campaigns.”

It seems some good may come out of this after all. If we find a more transparent way for lobbyists to interact with our elected cockroaches, we might make some progress in the corruption that exists in Washington D.C. Yes, it does exists and has existed since I can remember. But as long as we allow money in politics we are never going to be rid of corruption. If we do ever get rid of money in politics, including to run, we might actually get some regular, hard working, honest people running for office.

Guard may grow despite proposed cuts

Remember how the Left was sayng that Guard recruiting was down because of the war in Iraq?

From USA Today:

The National Guard Bureau said recruiting has accelerated so much in recent months that the Guard may expand even as the Bush administration proposes to shrink it. The Guard has about 333,000 soldiers, which is the number the administration proposes to fund. However, recruiters are “aggressively working” to reach the congressionally authorized 350,000-troop level by the end of the budget year on Sept. 30, the statement said. Army Secretary Francis Harvey has said that if the Guard is able to grow beyond 333,000, the Army would shift money from elsewhere in its budget to pay for the extra soldiers.

In the final three months of 2005, the Guard signed up 13,466 recruits; its goal was 12,605. It was the first time since 1993 that the Guard exceeded its goal during the fall quarter of the year. Mark Allen, a National Guard Bureau spokesman, attributed the improvement to a new advertising campaign, a large increase in financial incentives and a near doubling of the number of recruiters, from 2,700 to 5,100.

Well, well, well, it seems our young people are more patriotic than the Democrats counted on; huh?