The U.S. Supreme Court and Eminent Domain

John Burns sent this to me via email, and I thought it was worth sharing with his permission.

When the supreme court removes limits on our government it owes the American people a comprehensive and thorough explanation as to why they did so, and as to why they believe they have that right.

It must be understood that when a limit on infringement is removed from our constitution an explanation and an accounting of the highest magnitude and of the greatest intensity in determinant description is in order.

How else are the American people to judge the judgments of our judges? Or have the prerogatives of our supreme court become such that no satisfactory explanations are to be afforded?

The American people understood the prerogative judgements of the British king and his parliament and rejected their premises as preposterous.

The American peoples understandings of oppressive inclination would sourly surprise their supreme rulers in judgments if they were to attempt an attentive self justification before our constitution.

When the supreme court gives judgement concerning a legal case that altemently affects the whole of the American people and their constitution the American people must demand it be resolved first and foremost with full constitutional integrity and considered constitutional effect and not with the alternative resolutions of the revelators.

The capacity of the American people to engage in intelligent thought and reasoning is attested to by the very fact that this is the most free nation in the world.

The very fact that the American people have intrusted the supreme court to interpret our constitution dose not give the supreme court the right to submit to the American people inadequate emanations of their rulings nor dose it expunge the rights and obligations of the American people to defend their freedom.

The supreme court must be made to yield not their rulings but their reasoning to the superior force of the American people and if those justifications are not to be found in pursuance of our constitution then the American people must demand that their government request a redress.

If the peoples government refuses to request a redress then it is up to the people to force their constitutional right to amend their constitution and if our government refuses to amend then the necessity of revolution is at hand.
The summation of part disregards the whole.

The employment of extraordinary efforts of evasion implemented by the supreme court in the kelo decision must not be allowed to violate the agreed to contract between the American people and their government.

The Extrinsic value of our constitution must be upheld and the avoidance of interpretation must no longer be tolerated.

True integrity and soundness of construction must be demanded by the American people upon their supreme court.

The indeterminate design and unsatisfactory explanation placed before the American people in the Kelo decision is absolutely unacceptable.

It has become the opinion of the Supreme Court that the peoples written constitution is but an antiquated document of disrepute and is subject to all the degenerative rulings of their own past precedents and not of the supportive conclusions of a people determined to break away from the tyrannical rule of all unjust and oppressive governments foreign and domestic.

The very issues that limited aggressive governmental intrusions upon its people and that were decided before the continental congress in the formation of our republic and the writing of our constitution are the very same issues that freed this country and its people and should never be revisited without the full reverence in reference due.
The supreme court is no longer principled by the peoples constitution of the United States of America and is in no way remotely influenced by our deceleration of independence.

Our constitution embodies the fundamental principles of the revolution that gave us life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom in property was the major theme.

What was unconsidered and unrealized in the kelo decision was our United States Constitution no ifs ands or butts about it!

When the American people ratified our constitution they gave berth to the constitutionally subordinate republic we now call the United States of America.

It is now the decision of our supreme court that our state governments are no longer to be obliged in guarded submission to our constitution and to its imposements of legally agreed to and willfully accepted unities of contract so subscibed and ratified.

Yes people it is our deceleration and it is our independence and it is our freedom that is under attack. Long live the king’s of counsel and God help the American people!

So ,what are we going to do about it?

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