From Joe Sixpack – Dear President Bush: …

The below letter was prompted by this article from Fox News. Ranting and raving Democrat leaders would be wise to extrapolate … it does little good to rant and rave about port security while advocating open borders elsewhere … and no penalty to those that violate them.

Dear President Bush:

I’ve voted for you twice. I’ve tried to be a supportive citizen. I’ve got to tell you, though, that you are losing me. I’ve listened quite carefully when you’ve talked about bringing terrorists to “justice”. Justice resonates with me … as does security of our country. Both resonate a heck of a lot more than “economics” … and believe me, as an old retired fart, economics matter to me.

On a mini-scale, my home is my castle. Guests come through one of several doors in my house. I call the police on anyone that tries to enter through the windows … or through the doors without an invitation. If the police don’t come, my .32 or 9 mm is near at hand.

The issue, Mr. President, is illegal aliens. Not illegal Mexicans, not illegal Cubans, not illegal Koreans … illegal anythings. The United States of America on a macro-scale is our citizens’ castle. While it is a “shame on us” that we (our government, your administration, Clinton’s administration, your father’s administration, Reagan’s administration … and Congress) has failed to guard our doors and bar our windows, that does not excuse those who have broken and entered .

My daughter, Mr. President, spent a year in Iraq trying to put people back together again that had been injured or killed “defending our country” … and I supported that and continue to support that … but you, Mr. President, aren’t doing more than making a token effort to defend our borders … and you want to forgive those that have violated them. I cannot reconcile in my own mind this dichotomy and I will not forgive you or the Republican Party if you do not do better securing our borders or if you enable legislation that provides any option for illegals in our country besides going home. I don’t care how many years they’ve “gotten away with it”. That is justice, Mr. President.

People, including leaders in your administration such as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff, say it will cost too much to enforce our laws … and that it will damage our economy. I can say the same thing about tax cheats … but you still have the IRS conducting random audits and prosecuting those they find. I submit, Mr. President, that it will cost far more if we do not enforce our laws. You can’t stand proud on staying the course in Iraq while retreating here at home. This is an American issue … not a partisan issue … and you would do well to listen to Joe-average, regardless of party.

Coming illegally into our country should count for more than a DUI, spitting on the sidewalk, jaywalking … it isn’t a felony, but it should be … and a serious one at that.

Secure our borders, Mr. President … clamp down on illegals … then come back and talk to us about the need for a guest worker program that is applied for from outside our borders.

Regards –


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School Walkouts Continue in Calif to Protest Immigration Bill

From Free New Mexican:
Border Sign with illegals crossing

On California’s Cesar Chavez Day, at least 14,315 students walked out of at least 16 Los Angeles-area schools from the San Fernando Valley to the wealthy coastal enclave of Pacific Palisades, said Monica Carazo, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Several hundred people marched along a downtown freeway. More than 1,000 circled the downtown City Hall and some met with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in his office.

The demonstrators walked about a mile before they were escorted off, CHP Officer Joe Zizi said. Some could be cited.

“They were in the middle. They were in all lanes,” he said.

In Santa Ana, police cars were sporadically pelted with rocks and bottles by knots of protesters, Santa Ana police Lt. Baltazar De La Riva said.

“They’ve damaged a few units,” he said. Nobody was hurt and only one arrest was immediately reported, he said.

Other arrests and possible injuries were reported as students marched at a mall in Riverside.

“It’s resulting in bottles and rocks being thrown,” police Lt. Bob Meier said. He did not have further details but said the department had put “everybody we’ve got” at the scene.

What is this France? These people think they are making us want to give Amnesty to illegal aliens? Where are the arrests?

“Of course there should be amnesty (for illegal immigrants). We’ve been here for many years. We work hard. We contribute to the economy of the U.S.,” said Belmont High School student Fermin Vasquez, 18.

I guess that is a yes. This is just pissing off Americans around the country; I think they are actually helping our cause with this kind of behavior. We deserve Amnesty? How does one deserve Amnesty while their very presence in this country is continually violating our laws?

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Mexican flag flies over condominium community

This one really gets my goat!

From TC Palm:

The Stars and Stripes have been replaced by the Mexican flag at Chasewood North, and residents of the condominium community off Central Boulevard are puzzled as to who made the switch.

“I woke up Sunday morning and looked up from my patio and then realized that the American flag wasn’t on the flagpole,” said Sue Miller a Chasewood North board member. “What captured my attention were the colors — at first I thought it was an Italian flag, but one of our residents said it was the Mexican flag.

“I went to the flagpole, to see if the American flag was maybe on the ground, but they took it, and they cut the rope to get the American flag down and the Mexican flag up as well.”

A best estimate of when the switch took place is Saturday night. Chasewood South, which also has a flagpole at its entrance was untouched; its American flag was still flying from its 20-foot flagpole.

At the present time, Congress is in the midst of a debate about immigration, seeking to radically change the immigration laws, perhaps by allowing the approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in the country to have a path to citizenship. But Miller said she can’t figure out why this national debate would result in the American flag being stolen and replaced by a Mexican flag in Chasewood North.

“I’m flabbergasted that someone would do this, and I’m wondering why here,” Miller said. “We have some Hispanic residents here, but not a large Hispanic population, and I’m curious if this occurred anywhere else in town.”

It may be several weeks before the Stars and Stripes once again fly over Chasewood North, according to Miller, who at one time was the resident manager of the complex.

“We tried to get the flag down but couldn’t, so we need to hire a company with a boom truck to get up there and replace the rope and put up the American flag,” she said. “I would guesstimate that this would cost $500 or more to do.”

So are you pissed off yet? Don’t worry I will keep working on it!

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FEC Frees All Web Political Communication Except Paid Ads

Some good news, but a mixed bag.

From Clickz News:

Prominent bloggers are hailing the FEC decision, which affords them the same exemption from campaign finance restrictions that is afforded offline media like TV, radio and newspapers. Indeed, even when individuals who run Web sites accept payment from a federal candidate, political party committee or other political committee, no disclaimer is required. Also, according to the FEC document, public communication doesn’t include republished campaign material that is placed on an individual’s Web site, blog or e-mail, so it’s not considered “coordinated communication.”

Well, that keeps me out of jail! That’s the good news, the bad news is that it encourages bloggers to behave in less than a transparent way. Bloggers must have the trust of their readers, and to not disclose this information would violate that trust. Don’t get me wrong we are a self regulating group. The good ones will still disclose if they are being paid by an individual when blogging about them. However, there will be those that try and hide that from you, so buyer beware.

You can trust that I will always disclose any payments I receive as it pertains to my blogging on a subject, I already have once.

Sago Mine Survivor Leaves Hospital

Some good news!

From FNC:

Sago Mine survivor Randal McCloy Jr. was released from a hospital Thursday and offered gratitude for the support he has received since he was trapped almost three months ago.

“I’d just like to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers,” McCloy said during a brief appearance at a morning news conference, “I believe that’s it.” McCloy then left the room with his wife, Anna.

McCloy and Anna were expected to return to their Simpson home later in the morning.

“Our family is glad to be going home,” Anna McCloy said. “Today is another part our miracle, just three months after the accident.

“However, there are 12 families who are in our thoughts and prayers today and every day. The families of Randy’s co-workers and friends are celebrating with us today just as we continue to mourn with them. Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers.”

McCloy is considered a medical miracle because he survived after being exposed to carbon monoxide for more than 41 hours.

In recognition of that, Gov. Joe Manchin announced that the rural road where the McCloys live will now be named “Miracle Road.”

What McCloy does know is that he’s strong and healthy now because of 24-hour support from his wife and brother-in-law Rick McGee, who have barely left his side for three months.

“What I believe is that the people who are there for you tend to create a world where you can get better,” McCloy said. “It’s love, really.”

McCloy’s memories of the 41 hours underground are “not much really,” just fragmented images he’d rather forget. When he thinks of his fallen friends, he pictures them elsewhere.

“I try to leave out all the gory details and stuff like that because I don’t like to look at them in that light and that way,” he said. “I just like to picture them saved and in heaven, stuff like that.

“That’s really the best way you can remember somebody.”

Doctors say McCloy was perhaps minutes from death when he was pulled from the coal mine Jan. 4 with kidney, lung, liver and heart damage. He was in a coma for weeks, suffering from severe brain injuries.

He smiles often and seems frustrated only by his limitations, mainly a right arm that remains weak.

“My hands, my grip, is not as good as I want it to be, but I’m going to try to exercise and stuff like that,” he said.

Anna is providing an incentive. While he was in therapy, she ordered a present for his 27th birthday on April 14: a red 2006 Mustang to replace the family’s Taurus.

“I wanted to give him something to work for,” she said, “to make him really want to push himself.”

In the pool at HealthSouth Mountainview Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, he does. He tosses a beach ball with a therapist to work on agility and reflexes. He springs from a therapist’s cradling arms into an upright posture in one swift motion. He grips the stainless steel parallel bars underwater and pulls his legs to his waist.

When he gets home, he will continue to use weights to help speed up his therapy. He also will return to HealthSouth three days a week, four hours a day, for a few more months.

Someday, he’ll start to think about work again. He’s considering a vocational school, maybe electronics. He won’t be going back underground.

“No, I done learned my lesson,” he said. “The hard way.”

In a few months, the McCloys will take their first family vacation, a trip to Disney World. For now, though, they’re looking forward to peace.

Soon, Randal will start working through the thousands of cards and letters he has received — enough to fill a spare bedroom at a relative’s house. He also hopes to meet with all 12 of the fallen miners’ families in the coming weeks and months.

“It’s a delicate situation and it should be handled delicately. It’s not something you definitely want to dive right in,” he said. “I am going to choose to be careful about what I say and how I word things for the families’ sake. I just feel I should show them great respect.”

God bless him, what a story. I guess God already has…

Why Won’t The Government Listen?

Cross posted from Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

In this scathing Op-Ed by Tony Blankley titled “Mexican Illegals vs. American Voters” he opines:

The Senate is attempting to legislate into the teeth of the will of the American public. The Senate Judiciary Committeemen — and probably a majority of the Senate — are convinced that they know that the American people don’t know what is best for them.

National polling data could not be more emphatic — and has been so for decades. Gallup Poll (March 27) finds 80 percent of the public wants the federal government to get tougher on illegal immigration. A Quinnipiac University Poll (March 3) finds 62 percent oppose making it easier for illegals to become citizens (72 percent in that poll don’t even want illegals to be permitted to have driver’s licenses). Time Magazine’s recent poll (Jan. 24-26) found 75 percent favor “major penalties” on employers of illegals, 70 percent believe illegals increase the likelihood of terrorism and 57 percent would use military force at the Mexican-American border.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (March 10-13) found 59 percent opposing a guest-worker proposal, and 71 percent would more likely vote for a congressional candidate who would tighten immigration controls.

An IQ Research poll (March 10) found 92 percent saying that securing the U.S. border should be a top priority of the White House and Congress.

Yet, according to a National Journal survey of Congress, 73 percent of Republican and 77 percent of Democratic congressmen and senators say they would support guest-worker legislation.

As much as I am usually distrustful of polls, this is disturbing, showing a consensus that the American people are for tightening up of border security and curbing the influx of illegal aliens” or as the PC crowd would call them, legal citizenship challenged. The sellout of the 12 members of the Senate Judiciary committee is appalling, but perhaps even more appalling (to me perhaps) is this:

Beyond the Senate last week, in a remarkable example of intellectual integrity (in the face of the editorial positions of their newspapers) the chief economic columnists for the New York Times and The Washington Post — Paul Krugman and Robert Samuelson, respectively — laid out the sad facts regarding the economics of the matter. Senators, congressmen and Mr. President, please take note.

Regarding the Senate’s and the president’s guest-worker proposals, The Post’s Robert Samuelson writes: “Gosh, they’re all bad ideas … We’d be importing poverty. This isn’t because these immigrants aren’t hardworking, many are. Nor is it because they don’t assimilate, many do. But they generally don’t go home, assimilation is slow and the ranks of the poor are constantly replenished … [It] is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico … The most lunatic notion is that admitting more poor Latino workers would ease the labor market strains of retiring baby boomers ? Far from softening the social problems of an aging society, more poor immigrants might aggravate them by pitting older retirees against younger Hispanics for limited government benefits … [Moreover], [i]t’s a myth that the U.S. economy ‘needs’ more poor immigrants. “The illegal immigrants already here represent only about 4.9 percent of the labor force.” (For all Mr. Samuelson’s supporting statistics, see his Washington Post column of March 22, from which this is taken.)

Likewise, a few days later, the very liberal and often partisan Paul Krugman of the New York Times courageously wrote : “Unfortunately, low-skill immigrants don’t pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the [government] benefits they receive ? As the Swiss writer Max Frisch wrote about his own country’s experience with immigration, ‘We wanted a labor force, but human beings came.’ ” Mr. Krugman also observed — citing a leading Harvard study — “that U.S. high school dropouts would earn as much as 8 percent more if it weren’t for Mexican immigration. That’s why it’s intellectually dishonest to say, as President Bush does, that immigrants ‘do jobs that Americans will not do.’ The willingness of Americans to do a job depends on how much that job pays — and the reason some jobs pay too little to attract native-born Americans is competition from poorly paid immigrants.” Thusly do the two leading economic writers for the nation’s two leading liberal newspapers summarily debunk the economic underpinning of the president’s and the Senate’s immigration proposals.

The fact that I (I can’t believe I am going to say this) actually agree with Paul Krugman who works for the (gulp) NY Times. At this moment I am sure hell is freezing over and pigs are suddenly growing wings and flying now.

Under such circumstances, advocates of guest-worker/amnesty bills will find it frustratingly hard to defend their arrogant plans by their preferred tactic of slandering those who disagree with them as racist, nativist and xenophobic.

When the slandered ones include not only The Washington Post and the New York Times, but about 70 percent of the public, it is not only bad manners, but bad politics.

The public demand to protect our borders will triumph sooner or later. And, the more brazen the opposing politicians, the sooner will come the triumph.

So legislate on, you proud and foolish senators — and hasten your political demise.

To which I say, vote out every senator and congressperson who chooses to appease the illegal immigrants against the will of their constituents whom they were voted in by.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email me and let me know at what level you would like to participate.