Conn. City Evicts Residents With Eminent Domain

From NewsMax:

New London, Conn. city officials voted to evict two residents whose refusal to give up their riverfront houses helped lead to the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling that governments may seize property for private development projects.

The City Council voted 5-2 in favor of eviction Monday. An attorney for the residents said they are considering continuing to fight.

“You are a disgrace to the city, the state and the nation,” one of the residents, Michael Cristofaro, told council members who voted to evict.

The city has been trying for a decade to redevelop the once-vibrant neighborhood at the point where the Thames River joins the sea. Seven homeowners challenged the city’s plans to seize the property and build a hotel, convention center and upscale condominiums, saying eminent domain can’t be used to make way for private development.

However, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 last year to uphold the city’s right to take the homes, saying municipalities have broad power to do so in favor of private development to generate tax revenue.

I am sorry, but if we cannot even count on owning our own property, what rights do we have exactly? Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness…remember those words? Well, it was said that no one could be happy without owning, and being secure in their, private property.

Hat tip: Uncooperative Reader, JMB

12 thoughts on “Conn. City Evicts Residents With Eminent Domain

  1. The diversity of the people in our communities is what has made this nation so great, and since when did this country not have enough room fore all of us?

    Our elected officials are supposed to represent the American people. They are not our privileged masters and it is most mendacious to suppose that our founding fathers ever positioned our United States constitution to allow our elected officials the right to handover the masteries of our labors to that of others.

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