Ohio Court Rules Suburb Can’t Take Over Private Property

A Victory in Eminent Domain!

From FNC:

The municipal powers of eminent domain in Ohio received a defeat on Wednesday.

Ohio’s highest court said a Cincinnati suburb may not take over private property to make way for a $125 million development of offices, shops and restaurants.

We have got to restore private property rights in this country. This includes the repeal of private property tax which, in effect, makes us all renters on our own land.

3 thoughts on “Ohio Court Rules Suburb Can’t Take Over Private Property

  1. If freedom of speech or religion was to be handed to the judgments and inclinations of our elected officials, the way our freedom in property is now, we would no longer speak of such prayer.
    But our freedom in property was never measured to be merchantable, in our Peoples Constitution, nor proposed to be mendicant of what we must now speak, for the People had, as if a great wheel connected, once spoke.
    Is it now to be the words of our elected, that protects property, and not the words of the People?
    Is it now the segmented or segregated acts of a devotedly subjected People, that will save us from this seedy see-saw?
    Are We the People, now to be placed as if children upon the playgrounds of our elected? where sometimes we are allowed recess and sometimes not.
    Or is it believed now, that a People in so frustrated a condition will always be heard?
    Is it now explainable to the People who have the power to be heard, as to watch those who do not, be placed as to a herd?
    Or is it now supposed that all the children of our nation will have the strength, to now tech the teacher what was once taught United?

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