Republicans’ bill to ease pressure on military chaplains

Good, ministers should be able to be true to their faith even in the Military.

From The Washington Times:

House Republicans said the defense authorization bill will address, at least for now, their belief that military chaplains should not be pressured to avoid using specifics of their faiths during public prayers.
Republican House members and aides said they were told that part of the massive final defense measure will freeze the recent Navy and Air Force chaplain prayer policies that call for nonsectarian prayers outside religious services.
But the defense bill was still caught up yesterday in other disagreements and it was unclear whether the House and Senate would approve it before they leave town.
Reps. Todd Akin, Missouri Republican, J. Randy Forbes, Virginia Republican, and Walter B. Jones of North Carolina, all said this week they were told the prayer-issue disagreement in the defense bill was resolved.
Mr. Akin said they agreed to drop tougher language they had included in the House version of the defense bill that would have clearly stated military chaplains are free to use Jesus’ name or other religious specifics in their prayers, and shouldn’t be pressured to do otherwise. Instead, Mr. Akin and others said, the defense bill will roll back restrictive prayer guidelines.
“It’s been at least temporarily resolved, ” Mr. Akin said, but that he would likely push his original language again next year.
Mr. Forbes, who served as the go-between for the House Republicans and the defense bill negotiators, said he heard the negotiators agreed to accept the compromise language. All of the House Republicans stressed that no agreement will be final until the defense bill itself is completed.

Well, it is about time this rule was ludicrous. A chaplian actually got in trouble for using Jesus’ name at a funeral! That is a religious service to me, don’t ask me why the military does not consider it one.

House approves warrantless wiretap law

From USA Today:

The House approved a bill Thursday that would grant legal status to President Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program with new restrictions. Republicans called it a test before the election of whether Democrats want to fight or coddle terrorists.

“The Democrats’ irrational opposition to strong national security policies that help keep our nation secure should be of great concern to the American people,” Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said in a statement after the bill passed 232-191.

“To always have reasons why you just can’t vote ‘yes,’ I think speaks volumes when it comes to which party is better able and more willing to take on the terrorists and defeat them,” Boehner said.

Democrats shot back that the war on terrorism shouldn’t be fought at the expense of civil and human rights. The bill approved by the House, they argued, gives the president too much power and leaves the law vulnerable to being overturned by a court.

“It is ceding the president’s argument that Congress doesn’t matter in this area,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Heather Wilson, R-N.M., that give legal status under certain conditions to Bush’s warrantless wiretapping of calls and e-mails between people on U.S. soil making calls or sending e-mails and those in other countries.

Under the measure, the president would be authorized to conduct such wiretaps if he:

• Notifies the House and Senate intelligence committees and congressional leaders.

• Believes an attack is imminent and later explains the reason and names the individuals and groups involved.

• Renews his certification every 90 days.

The Senate also could vote on a similar bill before Congress recesses at the end of the week. Leaders concede that differences between the versions are so significant they cannot reconcile them into a final bill that can be delivered to Bush before the Nov. 7 congressional elections.

There is the bottom line is that, just like with immigration, the Senate Bill is so far from the House Bill that they cannot reconcile them. This is whaat happens when you keep re-electing people to the Senate. They only come up for re-election every 6 years, so just one re-election gives them 12 years in office the 3rd is 18 years, is this what we really want? They become so immersed in D.C. politics, that they don’t remember why they were put there in the first place.

Something to think about people…

NIE and The Democrats

I have come to the conclusion the President is wrong again. His opposition on the war in Iraq are not patriotic people, they don’t care at all about this country. Harry ‘Droopy Dog’ Reid is now calling for the whole NIE report to be released for political reasons. The Hezbocrats were overjoyed about the leak of classified information and jumped on it. When the key findings were released it showed that we have got to win in Iraq to defeat the terrorists. So, now they are demanding the release of the whole report, even though it would endanger covert operatives and operations; that is not patriotism.

Don’t get me wrong I cannot believe that they believe the President will de-classify the whole report, they didn’t think he would de-classify the key findings and that hurt them politically. However, they now know it does not say what they need politically and they don’t care. They want to prove that Cut and Run is the way to go, even though the NIE report said we need to win in Iraq to hurt terrorist recruiting.

Regaining power and politics is more important to the Democrats than our country, plain and simple.

Dead Aliens Still Cost US Taxpayers

I cannot find this anywhere else so I am re-printing it here; I know danny won’t mind.

Tuesday, Sept. 19th, ABC World News came to Tucson from Washington DC to interview Randy Graf and David Heppler. I was asked to assist with their transportation needs and found the trip to be interesting.

Randy Graf Sept 19 ABC News InterviewRandy is the republican candidate for the Arizona district 8 congressional seat. Because of the stark difference in Randy’s strong border security-no amnesty stance as opposed to his democrat opponent’s open borders position, the national media has determined that this particular race will serve as the barometer for national public opinion on the illegal immigration issue. They shot a lot of footage and Randy was very clear on the issues, but they asked a lot of negative questions and it remains to be seen what they present to the public. The piece is tentatively scheduled to air Thursday, Sept. 21st at 5:30pm.

David Heppler being interviewed by ABC NewsDavid is a candidate for Phoenix city council district 3. His background is in law enforcement and security, and he operates the Arizona Border Watch website. His views on illegal immigration are consistent with those of Randy.

The ABC crew had two items on their agenda: The interviews, with the Mexican border at Naco as the backdrop, and pictures of the Pima County morgue.

The chosen interview location was west of Naco, past the tall, solid steel wall, where a barbed wire fence is the only barrier. A rough dirt road parallels the border fence on both sides and the fence has passable openings in it at varying close intervals. Overall, however, this section of the border fence would be classified as being in reasonably good condition.

Mysterious Van on Mexican Side of the BorderThe reporters showed some excitement when a black van coming from Naco on the Mexican side of the border approached our position, with a Border Patrol vehicle traveling abreast of it on the American side of the fence. The windows in the van were blacked out so we couldn’t see inside of it and speculation arose that it was headed out to a remote area to unload a cargo of future “undocumented workers”. My guess is that footage of this event will make the show.

The real reason I am recounting the the trip, however, is the reason we went to the Pima County morgue. I now know that even dead illegal aliens are costing American taxpayers, and that they will continue to cost us for an undetermined length of time. The subject of what is done with aliens who have died in their search for a better life in America had never crossed my mind.

Refrigerated Van for Bodies of Unidentified Aliens – Pima County, Arizona MorgueThe existing morgue building houses 120 corpses. It is full of dead aliens. The Department of Homeland Security has purchased a refrigerated semi-trailer which can accomodate an additional 60 -70 corpses. This trailer is nestled up to the morgue building behind a steel fence. It is also full of dead aliens. Now get this: At a cost of probably millions of dollars to taxpayers, a new building is under construction which will hold an additional 240 dead aliens.

Apparently, if they can’t identify a dead alien they store the corpse indefinitely. Some of the corpses are decomposed to nothing but bones, and unidentifiable under any circumstances anyway. I don’t think this is the practice with unidentifiable American citizen corpses. My first thought was: Why don’t they just store a DNA sample? ..But, no – too simple. My second thought was: If the border was secured we wouldn’t have all the dead bodies. ..But, no – that would slow down globalization. I better not write down what my next thought was; it certainly wouldn’t be politically correct.

I guess I’ll just stop here, my brain is about to tilt.


American Freedom Riders

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

DHS Trying to Hide the Truth From Congress on the Border

From the San Bernadino Sun:

Congressmen who visit the U.S.-Mexico border unannounced are being monitored by the Department of Homeland Security, and at least one U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent has been suspended for speaking to a congressman without first getting supervisory clearance, according to documents obtained by the Daily Bulletin.

Congressional members interviewed by the newspaper said they were unaware until recently that Border Patrol agents were required to file Significant Incident Reports – normally used for shootings and other serious border incidents – when congressional members made unannounced visits in the summer along the U.S.-Mexico border.

A second document obtained by the paper reveals that one agent was suspended for 10 days without pay for speaking with Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who made an unannounced visit to the border in May.

“Preventing Congress from speaking freely to federal employees violates at least two federal statutes, and agents are fearful of telling the truth,” said King, who recounted several visits to the Mexican border when Border Patrol agents would not speak with him for fear of reprisal.

“Filing these reports is a form of intimidation. If anyone is going to be punished, then they should be punished for not speaking to a member of Congress, rather than for telling the truth.”

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, who also has made unannounced visits to the border, said he is concerned congressional oversight of border matters has suffered as a result of the Homeland Security monitoring. Poe echoed King’s assertion that forcing agents to file reports is a form of intimidation, and said Congress is prepared to call for hearings and issue subpoenas to investigate the matter.

“Members of Congress should not be under surveillance by Homeland Security because we ask the tough questions (of) border agents, and border agents should not be intimidated into having to report our visits and conversations with them like we are criminals,” Poe said. “Members of Congress are not the enemy because we want to find out the truth at the border.”

I keep wondering what they have to gain from playing down the situation on the border? You would think the opposite would be true, that they would want them to know how bad it is so they get more men, tools and money; that is usually the way it works.

A Tucson Border Patrol agent, whose name is being withheld for fear of reprisal, was suspended on Aug. 21 for 10 consecutive days without pay for speaking with King while on duty, according to a suspension letter obtained by the newspaper.

Office of Border Patrol officials, who had heard that congressional members were making unannounced visits to the border, discovered the identity of the agent while performing an Internet search, when they found a photograph of the agent with the congressman.

“On May 6, while on official duty, you met with your friend, Congressman King, and three other individuals,” the letter stated. “You took them to an area west of your office and gave them a tracking demonstration, and you spent approximately three hours with these individuals. You did not have prior supervisory permission to perform these activities while in an on-duty status.”

King said he is “seeking a positive resolution to that matter.”

Numerous field agents interviewed by the Daily Bulletin over the past month said directives from U.S. Border Patrol headquarters have also kept them from filing accurate reports about incidents along the southwest border.

“It feels like we just can’t speak the truth,” said an Arizona Border Patrol agent, speaking on condition of anonymity. “They want to know what we say and who we say it to. If we say something that doesn’t fit with the agency line, then we’re reprimanded.”

There you have it, the government goes out of its way to prosecute two decorated border patrol officers for an encounter with an illegal alien drug runner and now they are hidding the truth from congress.

Well we will get a fence Bill with high tech gadgets to help seal our border, but it seems like those in charge don’t want the border sealed. During the time the fence is being built, I guarantee, in the next Congress, they will be pushing for amnesty and an increased guest worker program.

Hat tip: American Freedom Riders

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

Pakistan Fails to Reform Rape Law

Islam is so wonderful…

From the Australian:

REPORTS of yet another pack rape in Pakistan emerged over the weekend as plans to amend laws aimed at making it easier to punish rapists stalled in the Islamabad parliament because of opposition from ultra-conservative Islamic parties.

The News International said a mother and daughter in a rural area had been abducted and gang-raped for 12 days because the daughter continued her schooling in defiance of villagers in her home near Multan.

The newspaper said the daughter had recently attained a masters degree in education at the Bahauddin Zahariya University. Precise details of what happened are sketchy, but it appears that the girl’s father was also attacked by the assailants and that police took 12 days to act and save the women.

Reports of the rape claimed involvement by “a minister of state” but did not name him.

The case recalls that of Mukhtaran Mai, a woman who was imprisoned after she was raped in June 2002. She was freed only after intervention by the Pakistan Supreme Court.

Her case caused a global outcry at the time and highlighted the injustice of Pakistan’s Islamic Hudood Ordinances, which criminalise all sex outside marriage.

Under the ordinances, unless the complainant in a rape case produces four male witnesses to support her claims, she will herself face punishment.

As a result, it has been almost impossible to prosecute rape cases, and thousands of Pakistani victims of rape are languishing in jail.

According to Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission, a woman is raped every two hours and there is a gang rape every eight hours in Pakistan.

I still don’t know where the outcry is about Islam from the Feminist movement? Islam goes against everything they have fought for over the years and yet, silence.

The Hudood Ordinances were introduced 17 years ago when the then military dictator General Zia ul-Haq was installing shariah law in Pakistan as a way of impressing his conservative Islamic backers at home and abroad.

Successive governments – including civilian administrations headed by Benazir Bhutto and Nawz Sharif – failed to change the Hudood Ordinances, despite persistent pressure from human rights groups.

Gee, I wonder why it failed? Could it be that the men like being able to rape women whenever they want? This is a MUSLIM women people, unless you convert you would have even less rights under the law.

This is the law that Muslims want the world to live under, get it?

Carter has the Nerve to Opine on the Current Administration

Dhimmi Jimmy, a president that I cannot think of one good thing he did during his term in office, opens his mouth again…

From The Las Vegas Sun:

Former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday major policy changes are needed because the Iraq war has divided the nation “almost as much as Vietnam.”

“So there’s no doubt that our country is in much more danger now from terrorism than it would have been if we would have done what we should have done and stayed in Afghanistan,” he said on the campaign trail with his son, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jack Carter.

The former president said the Bush administration made a “terrible mistake” by invading Iraq and diverting troops from Afghanistan.

Jack Carter criticized his opponent, Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., for supporting the Iraq war. Both Carters also said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should go.

“I think he’s one of the worst secretaries of defense we’ve ever had,” the former president said of Rumsfeld. “Almost every decision he has made has aggravated his military subordinates and has also proved to be a mistake.”

Let me start with his opinion on Donald Rumsfeld being the worst secretary of defense ever. This comes from a President who accomplished nothing except for record inflation and a gasoline crisis. That said here is some Rumsfeld’s credentials:

From Wikipedia:

Donald Henry Rumsfeld (born July 9, 1932, Evanston, Illinois) is the 21st United States Secretary of Defense. His current term of office began January 20, 2001, under President George W. Bush.

Rumsfeld is the oldest person to have held the position, and he was also the youngest when he served as the 13th Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under President Gerald Ford. If Rumsfeld serves as Secretary of Defense until November, 2007, he will become the longest serving Secretary of Defense or War in U.S. history. Rumsfeld also served in various positions under President Richard Nixon, as well as four terms in the United States House of Representatives, and as U.S. ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (1973-1974).

He served in the U.S. Navy from 1954 to 1957 as an aviator and flight instructor, training in North American SNJ basic trainers and later flying Grumman F9F Panther fighters. In 1957, he transferred to the Ready Reserve and continued his Naval service in flying and administrative assignments as a drilling reservist until 1975. He transferred to the Standby Reserve when he became Secretary of Defense in 1975 and to the Retired Reserve with the rank of Navy Captain in 1989. He has never seen combat.

He has also served as an official in numerous federal commissions and councils.

Actually I enjoyed reading the whole entry on Rumsfeld maybe you should check it out. He is obviously incredably qualified for the job.

He also stated that “almost every decision he has made has aggravated his military subordinates and has also proved to be a mistake.” considering the political rangling that goes on in the upper ranks of the military, it is impossible not to tick off part of the people serving as his subordinates. Some Generals want to use these tactics and others want to use different tactics, so which ever you pick you have angered someone.

He also says it has been PROVEN to be wrong, I disagree. I don’t think you can prove it one way or the other. Unconventional warfare like this is not something anyone has dealt with before. Of course, you can arm chair quarterback the war in Iraq as you can in any war. The point is to adjust tactics, which I think they are constantly doing, and learn from things that do not work.

Dhimmi Jimmy would have talked us to death after 9/11, he would never have even gone into Afghanistan. He is a Left wing pacifist who should shut up and build houses; because that is the only thing I can think of he has done well.