Israel to lift Lebanon blockade

From the BBC:

Israel says it will lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon on Thursday, at 1800 local time (1500 GMT).

The blockade dates back to the start of its conflict with Hezbollah guerrillas in July. Israel says it wants measures to ensure no more arms reach Hezbollah.

International pressure has been building on Israel to lift the embargo, which has remained in place despite a three-week-old ceasefire.

The German navy is expected to play a major role in monitoring the coast.

UN officials have said German boats will lead a contingent of naval vessels from other countries – including France, Italy, Greece and the UK – in policing the coast.

Correspondents say supervising Lebanon’s airspace and coastline is the first major test for the UN force charged with keeping the peace and preventing arms shipments from reaching Hezbollah.

They say the lifting of the blockade means Lebanon can begin rebuilding following Israel’s massive bombardment of the south, and normal trade and travel routes can be restored.

Well, let us see how this all works out, shall we?

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