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Food, Food everywhere, but be careful what you eat! What’s up with our food supply and why isn’t anyone talking about why it’s so contaminated. Brian will opine. And who’s picking, packing and shipping your food? Are you brave enough to find out?

President Bush’s Legacy or America’s?

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With two years left in the Presidency of George W. Bush a term frequently floated in the media is “legacy.” It’s my opinion a President shouldn’t look at polls to make decisions and shouldn’t worry about “legacy” either. Similarly to wealth, a positive outcome arrives from sweat equity, sticking to your principles and working your plan.

Politics is different, so-called “compromise” is used to “get things done.” However, what if the “things” are not accomplishments but sweeping problems under the rug for future generations.

Two major domestic issues stand out, immigration and social security. Congress, with Liberals taking the helm, is looking to 2008 by claiming accomplishments and feel they have a mandate, which is not true. The President wants accomplishment, wishes to work with Congress but at what cost?

What price is Mr. Bush willing to pay and how much political capital is he willing to lose for conservatives? Does compromise open the door for Liberals to gain more seats in Congress and possibly the Presidency? Compromise with Liberals at a high political cost is unacceptable.

Taxes and Social Security

Democrats want to raise payroll taxes by raising the cap on social security tax. This is a nice way of going after higher income individuals the Liberals like to call “rich.” Social Security is intended to be a “pension plan” but in reality is no more than a federal redistribution program of taxing the “wealthy” and paying the poor. It’s time the President sticks to his convictions and discuss private accounts as a necessary part of “fixing” social security.


Because of poor law enforcement and government “looking the other way”, we now have a major illegal immigration problem in this country without a real resolution in sight. There are so many illegal immigrants in the United States removing them would be more difficult than herding cats.

As reported in the New York Times, lawmakers are considering abandoning a requirement in the Senate bill that would compel several million illegal immigrants to leave the United States before becoming eligible to apply for citizenship.

How nice, the election is over and Senators of all stripes are now demonstrating they are “the emperor’s without clothes.” What lawmakers are suggesting is we provide blanket amnesty since the law enforcement folly of decades, gone unchecked, has led to a disaster of open borders, open immigration abuse, and an open checkbook gratis of the American taxpayer to subsidize illegal immigrants.

The K Street excuse is “Jobs Americans Won’t Do.” What about medical and education benefits to illegal aliens which American citizens don’t have and can’t afford? What about accommodating non-English speaking people with special menus on ATM’s, phone services, and every direction pamphlet inserted in merchandise.

There is complete lack of leadership and we’re now engaged in further “liars poker” and the politicians continue to be the slick card dealers duping the public at every turn. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) is leading a new bill, which dissolves the earlier version and turns a socialist view to the term “worker.” Karl Marx would be proud. Unfortunately, John McCain (R-AZ) has teamed up with Kennedy in a move that will not endear him to Conservatives.

In a country based on the “rule of law”, legislatures are suggesting we provide a free pass to lawbreakers. Without consequences laws mean nothing. Passing laws are meaningless if enforcement isn’t the tool to keep our borders safe and prevent more of the same.

In a time when voters sent a message about corruption in government leadership is lacking and Hispanic votes are the driving force for immigration law. The tax and spend Liberals feel an obligation to raise taxes, redistribute wealth and disenfranchise honest, law abiding citizens and future citizens while increasing the size of government and the entitlements Liberals cherish.

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty is not a free pass; it indicates there is a “door” not an open path to break laws to enter the United States.

Politicians are discussing the selling out of American principles to provide rights to people who wish to avoid a legal path to citizenship. I repeat, there are no free passes to citizenship; our feckless “leaders” need to understand that for every vote they earn with amnesty is a vote they lose from Conservatives.

In addition, sending more hard earned money chasing a bankrupt system is not a solution built of solid economic fundamentals. Liberals claim a wish to compromise, but its only if they can invoke socialist systems to tax, regulate, redistribute wealth, and spend. Proclaimed “Conservatives” hiding under the banner of Republicans need to understand the dire political consequences they face.

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

President’s Radio Address December 23, 2006

Boy am I behind…

From The White House:


THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. As families across our Nation gather to celebrate Christmas, Laura and I send our best wishes for the holidays. We hope that your Christmas will be blessed with family and fellowship.

At this special time of year, we give thanks for Christ’s message of love and hope. Christmas reminds us that we have a duty to others, and we see that sense of duty fulfilled in the men and women who wear our Nation’s uniform. America is blessed to have fine citizens who volunteer to defend us in distant lands. For many of them, this Christmas will be spent far from home, and on Christmas our Nation honors their sacrifice, and thanks them for all they do to defend our freedom.

At Christmas, we also recognize the sacrifice of our Nation’s military families. Staying behind when a family member goes to war is a heavy burden, and it is particularly hard during the holidays. To all our military families listening today, Laura and I thank you, and we ask the Almighty to bestow His protection and care on your loved ones as they protect our Nation.

This Christmas season comes at a time of change here in our Nation’s capital — with a new Congress set to arrive, a review of our Iraq strategy underway, and a new Secretary of Defense taking office. If you’re serving on the front lines halfway across the world, it is natural to wonder what all this means for you. I want our troops to know that while the coming year will bring change, one thing will not change, and that is our Nation’s support for you and the vital work you do to achieve a victory in Iraq. The American people are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and we will make sure you have the resources you need to accomplish your mission.

This Christmas, millions of Americans are coming together to show our deployed forces and wounded warriors love and support. Patriotic groups and charities all across America are sending gifts and care packages to our servicemen and women, visiting our troops recovering at military hospitals, reaching out to children whose moms and dads are serving abroad, and going to airports to welcome our troops home and to let them know they are appreciated by a grateful Nation.

One man who’s making a difference this holiday season is Jim Wareing. Jim is the founder of New England Caring for Our Military. This year, Jim helped organize a gift drive by thousands of students from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Students from kindergarten to high school collected more than 20,000 gifts for our troops abroad. The gifts are being sent to troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Korea, Japan, and Africa. The care packages include books and puzzles, board games, phone cards, fresh socks, and T-shirts, and about 7,000 handmade holiday greeting cards and posters. Jim says, quote “It’s probably always hard for troops to be far away from home, but especially hard on the holidays. I use this as an opportunity to try to pay them back for my freedom.”

Citizens like Jim Wareing represent the true strength of our country, and they make America proud. I urge every American to find some way to thank our military this Christmas season. If you see a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or a member of the Coast Guard, take a moment to stop and say, “Thanks for your service.” And if you want to reach out to our troops, or help out the military family down the street, the Department of Defense has set up a website to help. It is: AmericaSupportsYou.Mil. This website lists more than 150 compassionate organizations that can use your help. In this season of giving, let us stand with the men and women who stand up for America.

At this special time of year, we reflect on the miraculous life that began in a humble manger 2,000 years ago. That single life changed the world, and continues to change hearts today. To everyone celebrating Christmas, Laura and I wish you a day of glad tidings.

Thank you for listening, and Merry Christmas.

CentCom Electronic Newsletter – Week of 1 January 2007

Army engineers bring joy to Iraqi orphanage
By Mohammed Aliwi
Gulf Region South District

AN NASIRIYAH — Orphanages recently received numerous packages of stuffed animals delivered to promote goodwill between Iraqi and U.S. children and help the rebuilding effort in Iraq.

“The children were extremely happy and did not believe that the stuffed animals were given especially for them,” said Edmay Mayers, a program analyst with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

An Iraqi associate told Mayers the headmistress of the orphanage welcomed the team that delivered the toys and appreciated what the Americans were doing for the Iraqis. On her first tour to Iraq, Mayers visited one of the elementary schools and saw a beautiful interaction between the Americans and the children. “The children of Iraq have stolen my heart,” Mayers said. | Full Story |

Radio station opens doors, gives chance for free speech
By Spc. Ryan Stroud
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cav. Division Public Affairs

BALAD RUIZ, Iraq -In a city where there is no means for releasing information to its people, coalition forces have developed a project to give the people a chance at free speech.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the Al Noor radio station, also known as the ?The Light,? located here, opened its doors to many with high hopes and happy faces from the Iraqi Army and police department as well as city officials of Balad Ruz and members of the 5-73 Cavalry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.

“This is a great day for Balad Ruiz and its people,” said Mayor Mohammed Maroof Al-Hussein, city mayor. “I think this is a new stage for our city and a new way to serve our people.

“This is a free station,” he continued. “The people can say what they want, they can speak freely.” | Full Story |

Troops train Kenyan youths to care for livestock
By Sgt. James Allen

MANDA BAY, Kenya – Eight young servicemen fromthe Kenyan Nation Youth Service joined service members from Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa and the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Operation Honest Knight to perform a Veterinarian Civil Action Program in the Lamu District islands of southern Kenya.

The CJTF-HOA military members trained the servicemen to administer vaccines, de-wormers, multi-vitamins and external parasite repellant.

“The Veterinary Civic Action Program is the best thing to happen to the people of the Lamu District and their livestock,” said Levi Mbuvi, a member of the National Youth Servicemen. “This is because healthy animals mean better life for the people living in their marginalized islands.” | Full Story |

Southern PHCs scheduled for completion by June
By Betsy Weiner
Gulf Region South District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Twelve primary healthcare centers (PHC), designed to provide essential medical care to people in underdeveloped urban and rural areas in the Dhi Qar and Muthanna provinces, will open by June 2007, according to Gulf Region South (GRS) District officials.

Construction on 55 facilities in the nine southern provinces halted when the primary contractor, Parson’s Corp., was terminated last year, but GRS re-awarded the contracts six months ago, according to Mike Osborne, Dhi Qar resident engineer.

“The clinics were in various stages of construction when Parsons left,” he said. “Some were weeks ahead of the others.”

Lt. Col. Dale Johnson, Camp Adder area engineer, noted that the centers under his watch – eight in Muthanna and four in Dhi Qar – exist in an increasingly dangerous security environment and this makes them difficult to build. | Full Story |

U.S. , Afghan enlisted leaders gain insight into Pakistan military operations
By Tech. Sgt. Christopher DeWitt
Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan public affairs

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Senior enlisted leaders from Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States militaries met Dec. 27 for a second time this year to share insights among their services as part of a trilateral noncommissioned officer exchange program.

“This trip is about relationship building,” said Sgt. Maj. Daniel Wood, the command sergeant major for Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan. “Our countries are fighting a common enemy, and it is important that we strengthen the relationship between Pakistan and the developing Afghan military.” | Full Story |