U.S. not waiting for Palestinian unity

From The Washington Times:

The United States will not wait for Palestinians to agree on a unity government or to hold elections in order to push for a renewed peace effort with Israel and will step up its support for President Mahmoud Abbas, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday.

She also said that the chief mission of U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East in the next two years will be to strengthen the “alignment” of moderate forces so they can take on extremists who have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years.

“I would not overstate the importance of a national unity government to the possibility for progress” in the Palestinian territories, Miss Rice told several newspaper reporters at a year-end roundtable.

“We are pushing forward on helping [Mr. Abbas] with reconstruction and security forces — that’s not dependent on a national unity government being formed,” she said, referring to tens of millions of dollars the Bush administration plans to give the president’s office.

The United States is also working on facilitating a meeting between Mr. Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and a unity government is not a condition for that, either, the secretary said.

Since the militant group Hamas won January’s parliamentary election and formed a government, both the United States and Israel have said that progress on the peace process cannot be achieved because they lack a partner for peace.

But now that the negotiations between Hamas and Mr. Abbas’ Fatah faction have failed and the president’s call for early elections have met resistance from Hamas, the administration is looking for realistic options to deal with the issue, U.S. officials said.

Mr. Olmert paid a surprise visit to Jordan to discuss with King Abdullah II ways to restart peace negotiations with Mr. Abbas.

As Egypt renewed its effort to mediate a solution to the fighting, the king offered to host both Hamas and Fatah leaders in Jordan to reconcile the two political groups.

All this sounds wonderful, the nuts are killing each other, but…

Against the backdrop of violence, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas tried to remind Palestinians that their struggle should be focused toward Israel rather than at each other.

“In spite of the internal disputes, in spite of the wounds created by these disputes, and in spite of the pain of the recent days, we will remain united against the occupation — and won’t be involved with its internal struggles,” he said.

They have not forgotten their goal of wiping Israel off the map.

Let’s face it the middle east is a serious mess and no, we are not to blame. These people have been killing each other since before the U.S. existed.

Frankly the whole palestine thing is an excuse to attack Israel with impunity. there were no palestinians until Israel was created by the U.N. If I remember correctly they were actually Syrians. I think the whole existence of Palestine was orchestrated by Syria.

I hate to say it, but they will NEVER accept the existence of Israel in the Middle East.

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