Iran, Iraq and the Middle East Struggle

Is anyone else watching what is happening in Washington D.C. and thinking they are going to do it again? You know what I mean lose another war at home; like they did in Vietnam.

There is talk about troop caps, de-funding the war, de-funding the Iraq government and rebuilding projects. There are two NON-BINDING resolutions condemning the President’s current plan. The Ironic twist is they unanimously approved the General who’s plan it is!

Look folks, anybody or country with a backbone finishes what it starts. You can complain if you must, but we have to finish what we started in the middle east.

Ya know, there is a good reason that so many forces are fighting us in Iraq, it is because it is important to those forces and so should be very important to us.

People, please listen, you have no idea the maelstrom that will be unleashed if we fail to SUCCEED in Iraq and Afghanistan. the region is going to go nuts and eventually coalesce around a central ISLAMIC power and then we are really in trouble.

Iran is a major player to try and re-create the Islamic power in the world. Remember this is a power that believes in conquering and converting by the sword. They believe that Islamic Sharia law will control the world. Do you want to live under sharia law?

We need to win in Iraq – at all costs folks – so grow a backbone please?

Right Wing nuts cannot harass military funerals!

Yes! :woohoo:

From Judicial Watch:

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest group promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law, announced today that a U.S. District Court in Missouri denied a request by the American Civil Liberties Union lawyers made on behalf of a member of the Westboro Baptist Church to prevent the state from enforcing its statute limiting protests “in or about” the location of funeral services (Shirley L. Phelps-Roper v. Jeremiah W. Nixon, et al., No. 06-cv-4156-FJG). The ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law on behalf of protesters who disrupted military funerals by picketing and conducting other protest activities.

The court order, issued by federal Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr., essentially adopts Judicial Watch’s argument that Missouri’s “funeral protection law” is well-grounded in Eighth Circuit judicial precedent and is consistent with the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, Judge Gaitan specifically cites Judicial Watch’s amicus brief concerning the right of family members and friends of those killed in battle to mourn their loss. The judge writes: “…amicus Judicial Watch notes that Missouri also has an interest in protecting funeral attendees’ First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion.” Judge Gaitan ruled that the ACLU’s client failed to demonstrate a “likelihood of success on the merits” of her arguments. Her request for a preliminary injunction was, therefore, denied.

“We’re pleased the court seems to recognize the right of funeral attendees to mourn those who died defending our country without being disrupted by protesters,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Unlike the ACLU, most Americans believe that mourners should be able to engage in quiet and reflective prayer at funerals. As the court noted, ‘…picketing soldiers’ funerals and belittling the sacrifices made by soldiers are intolerable actions…’”

This is a long time coming. I mean how long before someone puts one of these right wing nut jobs in the hospital?

Stop the ACLU is also reporting on this story

UIC Anti-Marine Recruiting Protest

Hey, freedom folks has a video of nut jobs in Chicago!

I traveled to University Of Illinois Chicago today to see what the commie kids were up too. They had an advert up at Chicago Indymedia asking people to join them to protest those deliciously eeeeevil Reichwing Marines as they held down a recruiting table at the college.

Lots of entertaining stuff in the video, but you have to watch it through til the end. I saved the best for last…

So, go check it out!

The Uncooperative Radio Show Podcast 01-27-07

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Brian discusses grass roots illegal immigration measures vs what the feds are doing about the problem the NAFTA superhighway and outsourcing jobs. And San Francisco is out of control listen to find out why. And of course, much much more…

Sunday’s show did not record for some reason. Sorry, you should have listened live. :wink_ee:

Tyson sued over illegals

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CHATTANOOGA (AP) — A lawsuit that contends Tyson Foods depressed wages by hiring illegal immigrants and should pay damages to legal workers will go to trial in March 2008, a judge said Monday in a conference with attorneys.

The lawsuit contends Tyson hired illegal immigrants at eight plants since April 1998.

U.S. District Judge Curtis L. Collier set the March 3, 2008, trial date after agreeing to allow an attorney for the world’s largest meat company time to file a motion challenging the makeup of the class of plaintiffs before the court involves a mediator to attempt reaching a settlement.

“My client is not inclined to participate in anything that would lead to a settlement,” said Tyson’s lead attorney, Tom Green of Washington, D.C. Green said the legal fight is “about costing Tyson millions of dollars to be in a case we believe we ought not to be in.”

I agree with Mr Green in one respect… Tyson Foods is in a case they should not be in… They should have hired LEGAL workers.

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General says U.S. has proof Iran arming Iraqi militias

From USA Today:

Iran is supplying Iraqi militias with a variety of powerful weapons including Katyusha rockets, the No. 2 U.S. general in Iraq said Tuesday.”We have weapons that we know through serial numbers … that trace back to Iran,” Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno said in an interview with USA TODAY.

On Tuesday, President Bush vowed to crack down on those who supply Iraqi insurgents with arms, though he denied any plans to invade Iran.

“We’ll deal with it by finding their supply chains and their agents and … arresting them. … In other words, we’re going to protect our troops,” Bush told ABC News.

Odierno did not provide further details on how weapons were linked to Iran. The Iranian government has denied providing weapons to Iraqi militias.

Most weapons supplied by Iran end up in the hands of Shiite extremists, Odierno said.

He said the weapons include:

•The RPG-29, a rocket-propelled grenade that can fire armor-piercing rounds. It is larger and more sophisticated than the RPG-7 more commonly found in Iraq.

•Katyusha rockets, so large they are generally fired from trucks.

•Powerful roadside bombs, known as explosively formed projectiles, which can pierce armor. The technological know-how and “some of the elements to make them are coming out of Iran,” Odierno said.

Several Iranians have been detained in raids inside Iraq, and some remain in custody. The arrests have provided clues about Iranian operations, Odierno said.

“Every time you pick up individuals, you learn about how they facilitate themselves within a country,” he said.

He did not specify whether the Iranians in custody are cooperating or whether evidence was seized during the arrest.

Iran’s ambassador to Iraq told The New York Times this week that Iran was taking steps to expand military and economic ties with Iraq.

We have got to figure out how to get Iran under control. No matter what it takes we are going to have to deal with Iran.

We also have to have a talk with The Iraq government about their relationship with Iran.

This Is What I’m Talking About!

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Iraqi family caught crossing border illegally | – Houston Chronicle

Ya see this is what I’m talking about.
Concerned Americans like myself are often called racists and so many other names that I don’t care to mention and most people think that we are only against Illegal Immigrants from Mexico.
Ok so you think this, go ahead but we still have the problem of not only Mexican’s (I know someone will be offended by this) but also OTM’S this is one of the best examples of what is going on in our country.

ANYONE can get through.
I am not saying that these people are terrorist so don’t even go there.

The point I am trying to make is that if they can get through then anyone can.
So they got caught but how many haven’t?
Now what????


Iraqi family caught crossing border illegally

HARLINGEN — An Iraqi family was caught within miles of the Rio Grande after crossing the border illegally, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman said today.

The family of five was caught about 7:45 p.m. Saturday near U.S. Highway 281 in Pharr, said Oscar Saldana of the Rio Grande Valley sector of the U.S. Border Patrol.

Computer searches revealed no ties to terrorism, and the family was being processed for deportation, Saldana said.

“They were run through our databases. No derogatory information came back,” he said.

Saldana said the family was in the custody of Customs and Immigration Enforcement as of today.

Saldana confirmed the capture after an anonymous tip was phoned in to the Valley Morning Star newspaper.

He said he could not disclose whether there had been similar apprehensions of Iraqi nationals within the sector.

He said he also could not say whether the family claimed they were coming for religious reasons, as did 11 Iraqis caught with illegal passports last week in Northern Mexico.

“I can only tell you they were processed for removal proceedings,” he said.

The 11 Iraqis were arrested at the Monterrey, Mexico, airport, headed to California.

None appeared on terrorist watch lists, and they told authorities they were Chaldean Christians trying to get to California were they would request asylum, an immigration official said.

They were being held at an immigration detention center in Mexico City on charges of using false documents.

Chaldean Christians have a sizable community in southern California and frequently try to enter the United States through Mexico, saying they face persecution in Iraq.

Also posting today on my favorite subject.

Another Military Base caught with illegals working – Naval Air Station Key West
From Bear Creek Ledger.

Tyson sued over illegals – From Morning Coffee


Also from Morning Coffee – Comprehensive Shamnesty

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