MS-13 in Tennessee

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La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 is referred to as a dangerous gang, but they are more than a gang. They are murderers, rapists, thieves, and terrorists. They are a violent international criminal organization composed primarily of immigrants (many illegal aliens) or descendants of immigrants from El Salvador.

Now they are in Tennessee. The Department of Justice announced the indictment of 13 members of MS-13 today which alleges that gang members killed three people and attempted to kill at least seven others. The indictment further alleges that MS-13 was organized in “cliques,” including the Thompson Place Locos Salvatruchos clique (TPLS), which operated in Nashville.

Marasalvatruchamember (MS-13 member with common tattoos) The MS-13 gang has cliques, or factions, located throughout the United States and is unique in that it retains its ties to its Salvadoran counterparts. In 2005, the FBI declared Mara Salvatrucha to be the most dangerous gang not only in the United States, but the entire globe.Membership is believed to total over 50,000 in the United States alone. MS-13 criminal activities include drug smuggling and sales, black market gun sales, human trafficking, assassinations for hire, theft, and assaults on law enforcement officials. (Wikipedia)

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the 13 have been ‘indicted by a federal grand jury in the Middle District of Tennessee on charges that they conspired to participate in a violent RICO enterprise responsible for killings and other violent crimes.

The one-count racketeering indictment names the following 13 individuals, all of whom are currently in federal or state custody: * Oscar Serrano, a/k/a “Diablin”

* Escolastico Serrano, a/k/a “Chito”

* Omar Hirbin Gomez, a/k/a “Lil Homie”

* David Alexander Gonzalez, a/k/a “Psycho”

* Ernesto Isai Mendez-Tovar, a/k/a “Joker,” a/k/a “Choey”

* Francisco Dago Mendez, a/k/a “Silent”

* Walter Hernandez, a/k/a “Spanky”

* Henry Garballo-Vasquez, a/k/a “Cuervo”

* Eliseo Iglesias, a/k/a “Smokey”

* Ronald Fuentes, a/k/a “Spia”

* Ericka Cortez, a/k/a “Shorty”

* Geovanni Pena, a/k/a “Rata,” and

* Jose Alfaro, a/k/a “Liche.” (source)

Assistant Attorney General Fisher said, “We will utilize the same tools we used to put Mafia leaders behind prison bars to confront the threat posed by violent criminal enterprises like the MS-13.” Tennessee has a problem with illegal aliens, and some MS-13 members fall into that category. They ‘originated in Los Angeles and quickly spread across the country, including to Middle Tennessee, and currently include approximately 10,000 members in at least 10 states, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, making it one of the largest street gangs in the United States.’

“MS 13 makes up one percent of one percent of the Latino community in Nashville,” said Jim Cavanaugh with the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). [snip]If convicted, the defendants face life in prison. (source)

More on illegals in Tennessee from stickNstein, An Illegal Immigration Magnet…….Tennessee Lawmakers talk Tough…… :

An article at The says folks are getting mad and the new crop of politicians coming back to the Capitol for this years’ session are feeling it.

“This is my country. I fought for this country. I hold this country deeply in my heart,” said Brown, 40, of Hermitage. “I am not going to let illegal immigrants come in and intimidate us.” His sentiments are held by many in Middle Tennessee — part of a broader national chorus calling out for something to be done about illegal immigration. The National Conference of State Legislatures last week forecast that illegal immigration would be the hottest issue for legislators across the country this year.

KEEPING UP THE HEAT……..Politicians in Washington as well as State Legislatures think the half hearted, un-funded, and un-enforced excuses for legislation passed to get themselves re-elected
last year have lulled Americans to sleep about illegal immigration. [snip]But a Tennessee lawmaker STATED:

“We need to demagnetize the state. We need to stop Tennessee from being a magnet for illegal immigrants,”said Rep. Glen Casada, R-Franklin.
Maybe Tennessee is finally waking up to the big problem we have here. Getting rid of MS-13 members is a good first step.

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