Democrats Want to Negotiate Drug Prices for Seniors

From WaPo:

Before taking control of the House last week, Democratic leaders briefly considered proposing a new government-run prescription drug program as a way to reduce seniors’ drug costs, according to Democratic aides and lawmakers involved in the deliberations.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her allies chose a far less ambitious plan — to require the government to negotiate for lower Medicare drug prices — that will come to a vote today. They stepped back largely out of concern that the pharmaceutical industry would stall a complex change, denying them a quick victory on a top consumer-oriented priority, aides say.

Since when has anything the government has done saved money? The costs to Seniors under the current plan is lower than anyone expected and companies have come up with numerous plans for seniors, thanks to the open competition between companies. So why do the democrats want to make it a government program? Because they are socialists, that believe the government should take care of all our needs and they need to “Progress” us towards communism one program at a time; that’s why.

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