Missing Boys William ‘Ben’ Ownby, Shawn Hornbeck Found Alive in Missouri

I am so happy to report on this story…

From FNC:

A 13-year-old boy missing since the beginning of the week was found alive in a suburban St. Louis home, along with a 15-year-old boy missing since 2002, authorities said Friday.

The boys were found in a Kirkwood home belonging to Michael Devlin, 41, who has been charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping, Sheriff Gary Toelke said.

William Ownby, who goes by Ben, disappeared after he stepped off his school bus on Monday. The straight-A student and Boy Scout was last seen running the few hundred feet down a gravel road to his home.

A friend who left the bus with the boy told authorities that after the two parted, he saw a small white pickup with a camper shell speeding away from where Ben had been walking.

Toelke said the break in the case came Thursday night. Kirkwood city police officers were serving a warrant on an apartment complex when they noticed a white truck matching the description of a vehicle authorities had been searching for in the Ownby investigation.

Kirkwood officers contacted the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and determined where the owner of the truck was. Authorities then searched Devlin’s house and found both boys.

Toelke said authorities were surprised to find Shawn Hornbeck, who identified himself when found at the home.

Toelke said authorities were still investigating the motive behind the abductions

The sheriff said both boys appeared unharmed. Ownby has been reunited with his family, and the Hornbeck’s parents were coming to meet their son in Union, the Franklin County seat, Toelke said.

3 thoughts on “Missing Boys William ‘Ben’ Ownby, Shawn Hornbeck Found Alive in Missouri

  1. I am tired of hearing the media and the public condemn Shawn for not leaving and his parents for parading him around. If my child was found after 4 years of missing I would parade him around too- I would want the public to see him and I would want to answer some minor questions to all of us nosey people who think we deserve and have a right to know everything. Why don’t abused women leave their spouses? I would think it would be easy- after all they have cars and jobs etc.. Everyone makes excuses for them so why would it be any different for a little boy torn away from his family. I would think it would be easy- after all they have cars and jobs etc.. To say Shawn had all opportunities to leave is totally ridiculous since we were not there and we did not walk in his shoes. The boy has been thru hell! It is no-ones business what the family does with their son from here on out and we should all pay attention to our own child rearing ethics and leave the Hornbecks alone and give them the right to gloat and be proud- after all their little boy is back after 4 years!!!!!

  2. As days go by we come to learn more and more details related to this young man and the secret life he lived. I must say that regardless of the emphasized point of him being a victim, the kid surely was enjoying himself. Anyone that can honestly sit there and believe that isn’t so must be extremely naive or just plain old stupid. Not only was he recieving all the electronic gifts that every kid his age asks for, he carried on a relationship with a female and had NUMEROUS opportunities to escape or seek help. Therefore the facts will gradually all spill out to the point that we will see this is a CON in the making. When asked why he didn’t try to escape he stated “I was too scared and was afraid he’d hurt me.” Come on! Are you serious? Either this is a Midwest thing or I’m just lost in translation. Then there’s the police encounters he had on several occasions where he could just had easily jumped into the police car and went to the station. All these people claiming he had Stockholm syndrome need to wake up and smell the coffee, cause that is not so. All in all time will show that whether this kid was a victim or not one thing is for sure; and that is he is full of crap.

  3. It is simple, I am against “experts” running out and saying it is Stockholm syndrome without even speaking to him. How do they know, since it is EXTREMELY rare. I think that does the kid a disservice. How dare they say he relates to his captor?Maybe he was afraid for his life, maybe it is an accommodation mentality, the point is we don’t know and I don’t want to know until the boy is ready to talk about it.

    I also think it is important to know how these monsters get such control over their victims so we can combat it; bad me.

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