No jobs for illegals

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Businesses that hire illegal aliens are at the root of this nation’s illegal immigration crisis. That is one statement made by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Mr. Stein was announcing a new pilot program in Phoenix, Arizona, which will certify that businesses are voluntarily complying with laws against employing illegal aliens. (CNS)

Stein said the pilot effort is aimed at giving consumers a choice.”In much the same way that millions of concerned citizens will go out of their way — and even spend a little bit more — to buy products that protect the environment, we believe law-abiding citizens will make the effort to support businesses in their communities that refuse to hire illegal aliens,” he said.

“The FAIR Approved program will monitor participating businesses and certify that they are complying with laws against hiring illegal aliens, allowing consumers to support businesses that are truly supporting the community and their own values,” Stein added.

What a simple, logical idea. If there were no jobs available to illegals, that would cut down on the number flocking across our borders every day. Yes, there would still be many illegals trying to get into America, but this would stop many of them. Stores participating in the program would display a sign that reads: “I am FAIR approved. We verify work status. Only authorized U.S. workers here.

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.**

10 thoughts on “No jobs for illegals

  1. I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one, Brian. It’s not a very logical solution, and I’ll tell you why. If the companies that hire illegals can’t use illegals anymore, then they’re gonna pack up and move out of the country, thus eliminating all of those possible American jobs.
    There is one such company in my area that employs a large number of illegals, but also some Americans. However, because of recent reforms here in GA, they are trying bit by bit to replace their work force with legal citizens. Guess what? It’s not working. No Americans want those jobs! After three days or so, they all quit, and the Mexicans employed there work twice as hard anyway. And it’s not just a matter of pay. Anywho, I’m not saying I have the solution, but this FAIR idea simply will not save American jobs overall. It may gain a few, but will lose twice as many.

  2. Hello. I was directed here from Jillosophy and this is my first comment.

    Jon, one (albeit, unpopular) way to address the issue of American companies leaving and setting up shop abroad, is to tax the product on it’s return to the US market and make relocating businesses less financially attractive. The state/fed govt. can also offer tax incentives for the company to stay.

    I happen to support this idea. On an individual level – folks interested in stemming illegal immigration should do their part to the best of their ability. This is a good start.

    I wonder, though, why the IRS isn’t addressing this issue more aggressively? Identity theft leaves a paper trail that would help eliminate a decent amount of illegal activity, yet we hear nothing from the IRS about this.

  3. Welcome to the blog. :bye_tb: You are correct. Mr. Matterhorn is spouting that same old tired line; that illegals work harder than legal citizens of this great nation and will do the jobs Americans won’t do. This is crap. I did the jobs these mutts do for years and the only reason that I don’t do them anymore is because I worked hard and got myself an education and moved up in the so called world. Oh and I’m half Spanish to boot. Now as far as the “world economy” goes. It is not a true free market. We are either competing with third world hell holes who do not pay their workers a fair wage or countries that are communist and subsidize all industry. There is nothing “free” about this global market. :ponder_tb:

  4. My American citizenship gives me the exclusive right, over illegal invaders, to demand and to expect physical protection, from my government, in the land in which I live.
    My countries free market affords me many economic securities, that will do me absolutely no good, if my physical securities and my identity securities are in jeopardy, if it is not the act of governmental law enforcement that will protect me, then what will?

  5. Whether it’s an old, “tired” line or not, sbonner, it’s true about the factories I’m referring to. I know this firsthand. Of course, maybe I shouldn’t generalize about all of those types of jobs, but from what I’ve seen in the actual, real world it is the case that Americans won’t do those jobs.
    However, heroyalwhyness seems to have a pretty good point, although the question remains, regardless of the incentives for those companies, is there anyone willing to take those jobs? I dunno, but the actual evidence so far says no, because Americans are taught to have this way of thinking:
    “I did the jobs these mutts do for years and the only reason that I don’t do them anymore is because I worked hard and got myself an education and moved up in the so called world.”
    In the past, people used to work at a job and stay at it for 20, 30 years, even their whole lives. But our materialistic, greedy lifestyle has changed that by and large, but anyway, perhaps I’m getting off-topic. Ah well, enough for this jibberish, I’m done.

  6. Well JM … I don’t make categorical statements. I also accept a reality that includes there being SOME jobs that are difficult to fill, even at a fair wage. I don’t support, in any size, shape, or form hiring illegals to do them. Further, there ARE jobs being done by illegals at deflated, below the table wages, that Americans ARE willing to do. Where there is a clear need for a guest worker, I’ll support it. Where there isn’t, I won’t. The hiring of illegal aliens is the modern day equivalent of running sweat shops and, in some instances, abusing child labor.

  7. I categorically state!
    That these illegal aliens should be kept in their unlawful category, that they have menaced upon themselves, or my fellow citizens, we shall all become as if part of the near collective, to be unrecognizable as if only to be objects gathered together in a mass.
    The supreme court, my fellow citizens, has clearly stated in the past, that they consider our strength of citizenship, to be only characteristic, to those attributes of a majority class.
    This indigestible indignation must be forever rejected, for the very state of our own affairs, of our nation and not theirs, and the cause of our very independence rely.

    England considered it’s citizens living in America to be of a lower class, and Americas English citizens proclaimed, Our English citizenship will not be accepted by us as if it were of a second class, for our English citizenship is not a class to be treated as if equal to that of foreigners or unequal to that of other citizens, and if England is to claim it to be so, by their actions or by their fanciful words that are clearly designed to disguise their national inactions upon our regards, then we must form a new citizenship called America, where our rights of citizenship will be forever exclusive, upon that very titled name.
    For we claim now and forever more, all British loyalists to be as foreigners.
    From that day farrowed British loyalists were to be considered as invaders, for if this was not so, then it must be so, that we fought among ourselves for no cause at all.

    Why has so much blood been spilled over the title of citizenship in the history of this nation, was so much blood spilled, so that a few dictators or rulers of an empire could now claim this to no longer to be the issue, of an independent nation or of a sovereign people.

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