Senate Democrats stall pork-reform vote

From the most honest, transparent congress in U.S.history…

From The Washington Times:

Senate Democrats backed off promises to reform pork spending yesterday, using procedural tactics similar to ones they attacked Republicans for employing in past Congresses.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, stalled a vote on a Republican amendment that would require full disclosure of the spending provisions, also known as earmarks. The maneuver — which continued through last night and into today — gives Mr. Reid time to turn Democrats against the measure, which is similar to the ethics rules adopted with much fanfare last week by the new Democrat-led House.

Immediately before Mr. Reid stopped the amendment to the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007, the Senate expressed its support for it, rejecting a bid to kill it on a 51-46 vote. The measure would require that members of Congress disclose all earmarks they request.

I am confused, this is the same as the provision the democrats rammed through the House, why is Harry “Droopy Dog” Reid trying to block it? I thought the Democrats wanted transparency? Why would he not want it revealed who puts these earmarks in the bills?

Frankly, if Dems were serious about this they would ban the use of earmarks altogether, but they are not serious. Never forget who was in power for over 40 years in Congress, the democrats.

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