Colorado’s Tancredo testing the waters in Iowa

From the Colorado Tribune:

Colorado Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo is headed to Iowa this weekend to test the waters on a potential presidential run, his spokesman said Friday. Tancredo, known for his outspoken criticism of illegal immigration, will meet with Iowa GOP leaders and grassroots activists to see how they would respond if he ran, Tancredo spokesman Carlos Espinosa said.

Tancredo will also promote his book, ”In Mortal Danger,” which warns about the need to secure U.S. borders.

If he runs, Tancredo’s campaign would make immigration a central issue, Espinosa said.

Iowa is home to the first nominating caucus in January 2008.

Tancredo views the trip as vital in his decision whether to run, Espinosa said. ”A lot hinges on this — this weekend will determine a lot,” Espinosa said.

Tancredo is partly testing the support among Iowa Republicans for another likely candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who has proposed a guest worker program for illegal immigrants that has drawn loud criticism from Tancredo and other anti-immigration activists.

Rep. Tom Tancredo is a real friend to our cause to get rid of illegal immigration and illegal aliens.

Ron Paul is also testing the waters and all I can hope for is they will team up, as they are friends, and create a dream ticket for conservatives to rally behind in the 2008 Presidential election.

A Yahoo group has been created to help get Tancredo nominated, Tom Tancredo for President.

A quick and easy way to join the group is to,

(1) send an email to:


(2) when you receive a reply, respond to it without changing the subject heading.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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