Mama don’t raise your child to become an illegal alien

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Mother of slain Mexican immigrant seeks ‘death penalty’

The mother of a Mexican immigrant shot to death last week by a U.S. Border Patrol Agent in Arizona asked for justice on Monday and said she would like to see the agent receive the death penalty.

Unfortunately this ignorant Mother encouraged her children to break the law of the U.S. of America. As a result one of her sons is now dead. Six of the seven illegals were taken into custody and her son decided to fight the Border Patrol. Of course I’m sure the case of Ramos and Compean has emboldened those from Mexico to defy and fight the Border Patrol. This ignorant Mother will probably also sue the BP just like the drug smuggler who was stopped by Ramos and Compean.

The Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department and most of the politicians pushing for amnesty have created this monster we call illegal aliens. These illegals think they have the same rights as US Citizens and the fore mentioned are complicit in promoting this fallacy.

Here’s what this ignorant Mother had to say:

“I want the death penalty for that killer, because my son was just trying to find a better opportunity,” an emotional Laura Rivera told the Mexican news agency Notimex. “He was a young worker whom they simply killed in cold blood, so I want justice.”

Then we have the ignorant Father pipe in with:

“The one certain thing is that people there are racist and this is not the first Mexican they’ve killed,” he said.

As far as I’m concerned there’s now one less illegal alien to steal someone’s identity, one less illegal alien to take away an American bricklayer job and one less illegal alien who siphons wages without paying taxes and wires it back to Mexico.

Unfortunately, this Border Patrol agent could find the fate of Ramos and Compean in his future since we know that the bureaucrats at the BP, DHS and Justice think illegals do have more rights than a Border Patrol agent or US Citizens. By the way, Ramos and Compean have to report to prison to start serving their terms, this is a travesty of injustice. But hey, our officials would rather incarcerate those who are protecting then those we need protecting from. Try to read the comments in the story.

UB adds:

Francisco Javier Dominguez Rivera, 22, a native of the central state of Puebla, was shot and killed during a confrontation with the unidentified agent north of the U.S.-Mexico border between Bisbee and Douglas on Friday after the agent responded to a call about a group of seven people crossing the desert.

The agent took six of the seven people into custody without incident but then started fighting with Dominguez Rivera. The agent, who thought his life was in danger, shot and killed the man, the Border Patrol said previously.

The agent was put on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the case. The FBI said Monday that it was investigating the death, while an autopsy of Dominguez Rivera was scheduled for Wednesday. Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department condemned the shooting.

Big Surprise Mexican Prez Calderon condemns the shooting. Let us all hope that this officer is not tried like Ramos and Campean.

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6 thoughts on “Mama don’t raise your child to become an illegal alien

  1. Yeah! Tom
    You can sit with me at the back of the bus, only a few seats left tho, because the illegal’s have taken all the free seats up front.

  2. Count me in JMB.

    Slightly off subject, but I keep seeing reports on the news titled “Looming crisis ahead for Social Security and Medicare”. This is nothing new, but it seems our glorious leaders seem to think adding millions of illegal aliens to these entitlemeents will help?

    Am I missing something or has the world gone mad?

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