Pelosi Keeps Dems in the Dark on Global Warming Committee


From CNS News:

In planning to create a new select committee on global warming, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has kept some senior Democrats – including her number two – in the dark.

At a Capitol Hill press conference Thursday to talk about her first 100 hours as speaker, Pelosi announced the creation of a new select committee on “energy independence and global warming.”

“Its purpose will be to communicate with the American people on this important issue,” she said. “I promise to do anything in my power to achieve energy independence within ten years, stop global warming, and this select committee is to further those goals.”

But Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told Cybercast News Service that he and Pelosi “had not discussed” the select committee and what its scope would be.

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), who wants his own committee to take the lead in global warming issues, held a meeting prior to the speaker’s announcement to discuss what action it would take on the proposed committee.

According to a memo provided by an aide, Dingell’s committee plans to explore causes of climate change, its consequences, state and local initiatives as well as federal programs on climate change, action within the private sector, technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, international and domestic policies as well as regulation within the transportation industry.

Dingell and other members of the Energy and Commerce Committee expressed concern that Pelosi has not put anything about the new select committee in writing.

They worry that this may mean that her pledge to give the new body an oversight role only and not legislative authority could change.

“That will be the deciding factor,” Jodi Seth, majority communications director for the Energy and Commerce Committee, said on the issue of whether Dingell would try to block the committee’s formation, which will need a floor vote.

Seth noted that the chairman is generally opposed to committees that do not have legislative power.

Oh great, politicizing science this ought to be good.I keep telling you this is all based on flawed, junk science.

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