Gang Violence Heating Up in America

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Happy Monday!

We’re going to start with a ‘heart-breaking’ story regarding the declining health of ‘illegal’ immigrants. Give me a juicy, wet lucy...

As immigrants’ health declines, groups rev up prevention outreach

First we hear how these people suffered in their home country, so they come to America for a better life…

Now, we have to hear how America is making them sick!?

Here is the statement that I found most amusing:

“They come here and there’s no more vegetables but hamburgers and fries,” Rios said.

No more vegetables? REALLY!? OMG! When did this happen? Nobody told ME there weren’t vegetables in America!

I must be REALLY lucky to have grabbed those organic, mixed greens at SAM’s club yesterday! Give me a break...

And then we have this feel-good piece: Hispanic students work to give back to community

Notice how the article says they were born in Mexico, but they work and go to school here in America. There is no mention of their immigration status.

But what’s even more interesting, is this article:
An Immigration Raid in Georgia Aids Blacks for a Time

Now THAT is newsworthy…Americans are getting their jobs back – one illegal immigration raid at a time.

Moving on…

So…Curtis Bibb; the dope-smoking, Gainesville, GA School Superintendent doesn’t even have the decency to remove himself from his post after getting busted in South Carolina.

Way to go, Bibb – nice to know you’re costing tax-payers even more money by dragging out the termination procedures…



Slayings lead L.A. to vow gang crackdown

The gang violence is heating up in California – expect the wave to continue, as their members across the country follow suit.

– L.A. gang related offenses jumped 14% in 2006.
– 2006 Gang murders, assaults, robberies and other crimes jumped up a shocking 42%.

Remember – Gwinnett County, GA had a drive-by shooting just last week. For more on Gangs in Georgia; visit Joe Amerling.


25 Americans die in one day in Iraq by the hands of Islamic Jihadists- The incidents make headlines all over the world.

25 Americans die in one day in America by the hands of Illegal Immigrants – No media coverage, whatsoever.

Tom Tancredo


Where do African-Americans stand on the illegal immigration issue? See the results of a poll from the African American Registry here.

Tom Tancredo is considering a run for President. Vote in his poll here.

Exclusive: America’s Dangerous “Illegal” Addiction
By Michael Cutler

Life Free America


The first, March for America, will be in Washington, D.C. – June 14-16, 2007.


Good news! The MCDC has two new chapters in Georgia!

Northwest Georgia Chapter
Chapter DirectorLawrence HeadrickPhone: 706-217-8542Email:

North Atlanta Chapter
Chapter DirectorDave MinnerPhone: 770-560-2425Email:

Isakson’s plan to police border beats fence idea


Agents: Illegal Immigrants
Entered Quantico For Work


Morning Coffee: 40 Illegals arrested at military bases

Southern Pride

Remember – for more on illegal immigration and other subjects plaguing Georgia, please visit the TBG group on Yahoo. You’ll have access to all of our photos, links, and other research material. EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

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