Paid Sick and Take-Care-of-Your-Neighbor Days to Be Mandatory in San Francisco

From FNC:

For many workers calling in sick means more than spending the day in bed, it also means not getting paid … unless you live in San Francisco.

Employers in the City by the Bay must now give paid sick leave to all their workers — even, in some cases, when they’re not sick. One provision of the law allows workers without families to call in sick to care for a friend or neighbor — all on the boss’ dime.

Voters overwhelmingly approved the measure, which is the first law of its kind in the country. It mandates sick pay for everyone from full-time cab drivers to part-time nannies. The law provides up to 9 paid sick days a year to an estimated 115,000 workers, including low-wage earners who, according to labor activists, can’t otherwise afford to skip work.

A local chef says he’s either going to have to raise prices or hire fewer workers:

“Sure it’s kind of nice to suddenly have more sick days, but realize you end up giving something up for that, and no one ever looks at the consequences of their actions in this town, especially in politics, and especially with progressive politics,” said area restaurant chef Dan Scherotter.

Yup, that is what is wrong with liberalism, it requires no real thinking. If it feels good, it must be right, consequences, smonsequences.

Well, I saw the actual interview with Chef Dan and he said; he was either going to have to lay people off or raise his prices. [paraphraising]

Well, possibly both Chef Dan…

Look, everybody wants to help everybody, well most of us, but we have to make tough decisions. How many times were you forced to throw requests from charities in the garbage, because you just didn’t have the money to give? I give what I can every year, but I have to say no, allot more than I can say yes. The government does not have unlimited resources either and especially, neither do small business owners.

So here we see the ‘progressive movement’ progressing us towards communism. Oh, sorry, they probably have another name for it.

5 thoughts on “Paid Sick and Take-Care-of-Your-Neighbor Days to Be Mandatory in San Francisco

  1. Perhaps “socialist idiocy”? Isn’t CA the one that is working on a law precluding spanking children under 3? Like they really enforce the laws we already have … such as on illegal aliens.

  2. My wife told me the other day that I needed a good old fashion spanking, but when I threatened to take the day off work if she spanked me, she reconsidered. LOL!

  3. CA, specifically SF is pushing so much left-wing lunacy, including the spanking or swatting of children under 4, prohibiting the Iowa (even Boxer was embarrassed on that one), banning military recruiters from schools et al, that I had to do a round-up of left-wing lunacy from SF!

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