Agricultural Guest-Worker Bill Introduced in Washington

Here is Lou Dobbs explaining why we do not need an The Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits, and Security Act of 2007AgJobs Bill

Legislation has been introduced to the 2007 Senate proposing amnesty for 1.5 million illegal aliens to do farm work. Bill is dubbed “AgJobs”. Watch this segment from Lou Dobbs Jan 14, 2007 to get the REAL story and call your Senators and tell them you are against AgJobs! …

Video from DeportThemNow

5 Responses

  1. Two RINOs and Feinstein sponsoring this one … figures.

  2. OK UB … both my senators now have letters in their inbox. I also threw in a few words about McCain and Bush quibbling on the definition of amnesty. I didn’t appreciate equivocating from Clinton (“is”, “sexual relations”) and appreciate it even less from a senator I supported in 2000 and a president I voted for twice.

  3. You nailed it WS. I am getting so exhausted with this crap.

  4. Having Mel Martinez as the mouthpiece for the RNC, given his position on illegals, is going to be a disaster for Republicans. I just noted today that “Jesus juice” Huckabee of AR is looking at running for President … another “soft on illegals” Republican.

  5. Isn’t everyone running for president????

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