ACLU Bans Ten Commandments People Fight Back

I am so sick and tired of the ACLU trying to ban God from the public square…

From Sidelines Online:

Thou shalt not decorate thy local courthouse with placard replicas of the ten commandments. Or so decreed Rutherford County Court in its ACLU of Tenn., Inc. v. Rutherford County decision this past September.

Last week, the Rutherford County Commission finally complied with the ruling, hocking up $50,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union for the judgment.

In an official ACLU press release, Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN Executive Director, states that “The posting of the Ten Commandments sends the message that only certain believers can receive justice at the courthouse. Rutherford County residents should not be made to feel like second class citizens because they do not hold the prevailing religious beliefs promoted by the county government.”

Weinberg adds, “The posting of the Ten Commandments in the Rutherford County Courthouse broadcasts a divisive message to the religiously pluralistic community of Rutherford County.”

Commissioner Mike Sparks doesn’t give up so easily, though, and he’s opened a new front within the community. Sparks has passed out some 500 replicas of the embattled Ten Commandments, each identical to the placard barred from the courthouse.

“There’s been an overwhelming response from the public and area businesses. People have donated everything from $20 to $100,” reports Sparks. “Businesses have even run out of copies, so we give ’em more.”

900 copies of the Ten Commandments have been printed so far, with $400 of the funding donated by area residents. The replicas are neatly framed upon delivery, ready for mounting.

“The ACLU will never defend the rights of Christians, so I will,” Sparks claims, adding, “If this effort is going to make a difference, it’ll be a positive one, not negative. And that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Owners of participating local businesses, like Ginny Williams of Gil’s Ace Hardware in Smyrna, say customers have been very appreciative of the displays.

Just to piss off Atheists everywhere I am going to ask everyone to give a Ten Commandment placard to any local business that will proudly display it. This is a great idea, instead of only seeing them in the court house, people can see the Ten Commandments EVERYWHERE they go!

Here is an inexpensive wooden one, but feel free to find your own source or make your own!

Go forth and spread the word!

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