Iran, Iraq and the Middle East Struggle

Is anyone else watching what is happening in Washington D.C. and thinking they are going to do it again? You know what I mean lose another war at home; like they did in Vietnam.

There is talk about troop caps, de-funding the war, de-funding the Iraq government and rebuilding projects. There are two NON-BINDING resolutions condemning the President’s current plan. The Ironic twist is they unanimously approved the General who’s plan it is!

Look folks, anybody or country with a backbone finishes what it starts. You can complain if you must, but we have to finish what we started in the middle east.

Ya know, there is a good reason that so many forces are fighting us in Iraq, it is because it is important to those forces and so should be very important to us.

People, please listen, you have no idea the maelstrom that will be unleashed if we fail to SUCCEED in Iraq and Afghanistan. the region is going to go nuts and eventually coalesce around a central ISLAMIC power and then we are really in trouble.

Iran is a major player to try and re-create the Islamic power in the world. Remember this is a power that believes in conquering and converting by the sword. They believe that Islamic Sharia law will control the world. Do you want to live under sharia law?

We need to win in Iraq – at all costs folks – so grow a backbone please?

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