‘Grass Roots’ Lobbying Provision Not Dead

You may have remembered the House passed a Earmark reform bill that included section 220 which would hit grass roots groups by making them lobbyists. This would make bloggers register as lobbyists and report quarterly. It would also affect my Coalition Against Illegal Immigration, simce I communicate to over 500 people and ask them to contact Congress. As you know the provision was stripped in the Senate and Harry “Droopy Dog” Reid was pissed about it.

Well, it ain’t dead yet…

Even though the grassroots legislation was defeated in the Senate, it could still become law. This is what could happen. The House could pass grassroots legislation, and then a House/Senate conference committee could adopt the House grassroots legislation.

I don’t expect Droopy Dog will put any of the Dems who voted for stripping section 220 from the Bill on the conference. I bet Democrat conferees would consist only of senators who voted to keep the grassroots provision intact, and none of the seven Democrats who voted for the Bennett Amendment to strip the grassroots provisions out of the Senate lobbying reform bill.

We have got to stop the House from passing any Grass Roots Lobbying Bill or more power will be transfered from the people to the government. This is basic political speech folks, we have got to preserve it.

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