UB Update

Loyal readers,

I have been doing my level best to provide good content for you but my chronic condition took a sour turn for a while; so bad I almost died last week. I am feeling better right now, but not myself yet, and let us hope it continues to improve. However, the near death experience, hopefully, has taught me to slow down. Hence, things have been slow around here, but add to that running the coalition against illegal immigration, server problems, upgrading, and fixing problems with the upgrading, I am still doing too much.

Trust that I am doing all that I can and I know that it is not enough; I hate it.

5 thoughts on “UB Update

  1. I am feeling allot better, but that changes with the weather.

    I know the feeling. Have come to believe that anything north of I-10 is too far north.

  2. hehe,
    I actually know Alabama and I-10. I love the fact I traveled this country for four years and I highly recommend it to all. Learning about the TRUE diversity of America and its fabulous people is something I enjoyed and was also a learning experience that was invaluable.

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