Indian immigrants enticed to go home

Lured by the booming Indian economy and fed up with living as outsiders in a foreign society, many Indian and other South Asian immigrants in the United States are returning to their homeland — and bringing with them cutting-edge American skills.

All I can say is YEAH!! Sorry but our population is growing and with it comes a host of problems. I just wish the eco-nuts could realize that is their enemy, not motorized vehicles on roads in the forests.

Spurred by market reforms and a dynamic entrepreneurial class, India’s once-sluggish economy has been growing by about 7 percent a year for the last decade, faster than every country in the world except China. Many salaries have almost doubled since 2005, as has the country’s stock market index.

This has opened vast new opportunities in multiple fields and infused much of urban India with a tremendous sense of possibility and optimism. Coupled with India’s traditionally rich social life that’s been made all the more rambunctious by prosperity, this offers returnees an intoxicating mix of professional and personal satisfaction.

It appears spreading capitalism has more benefits than we thought, huh?

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