Reading, Writing, and Global Warming for British Students

From CNS News:

Students at state-funded schools in Britain will learn about global warming, the government announced this week — and former Vice President Al Gore’s provocative views on the issue will get maximum exposure.

As part of the new school curriculum for 11- to 14-year-olds, the government said students will be taught about how the earth’s climate is changing and about the importance of “sustainable development.”

(Other new subjects being introduced include Arabic and Mandarin, healthy cooking and the history of Britain’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.)

Arabic and Mandarin??? Are they preparing for being taken over already?

A government spokeswoman said Friday that all state schools and all faith-based school getting state funding — most of them do — are required to follow the curriculum. Private schools are “strongly encouraged” to do so.

A spokesman for the UK government’s Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) told Cybercast News Service that under the new plan, teachers will not be given a set number of hours each week to teach about global warming.

The new curriculum is a guideline, which individual schools and teachers will use in the formation of their lesson plans, he said.

For example, a class might take a field trip to the hills of north Wales and study the evidence of previous ice ages to be found in the rocks there. From this, he said, students will learn firsthand about how the earth’s temperature has changed through the ages.

How are they going to explain that humans had nothing to do with previous cycles of global warming and cooling? That will be interesting.

Although many scientists still question the extent of the climate-change threat – and whether human activity plays a role in it — the spokesman called it an “uncontentious issue” and said the “evidence was already in.”

Evidence from whom? The dummies from the U.N.? The ones using a flawed model and science? The ones that only go back 100 years? Yup, completely uncontentious.

In addition to the new curriculum, the government also announced that it will send a copy of Gore’s global warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, to every high school in England.

It appears the Left is the Left the world over; Socialists of the world unite!!

Greenpeace and the British Green Party applauded the move but the conservative U.K. Independence Party charged that it violated education laws which prohibited the airing of partisan political views in schools.

“This is political propaganda at its worst,” said deputy party leader David Campbell Bannerman. “The climate change argument is ongoing and for the government to sponsor one side of the debate is a disgrace.”

In recent months, European critics of the film have charged that Gore exaggerates and distorts facts in his films to fit his argument.

For example, Danish writers such as Flemming Rose and Bjorn Lomborg — the latter, the author of the Skeptical Environmentalist — have attacked Gore for showing a sea-rise of 20 feet while the U.N.’s climate body has only postulated a rise of one foot over this century.

How long before the Lefties in the USA try the same thing?

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