Ellison Calls Police on Tom Tancredo

I am listening to the Andrew Wilkow Radio Show and Tom Tancredo is on. You would think I would be writing about his opinion on illegal aliens, nope.

It seems Freshman Senator Keith Ellison, who demanded his right to be sworn in on the Qur’an, is still demanding. He Called the Capitol Police on Tancredo for smoking a Cigar in his private office. He points out on the show he has not one, but THREE air filters in his office and he opens the window! Ellison is such an example of people that believe they can impose their beliefs on others.

Well, the Cop was embarrassed, but had to come and take a report even though Tancredo has every right to smoke a cigar in his office; this is just plain ridiculous.

Asked if he would stop smoking in his office, he said “HELL NO!”

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