woman, 80, on way to renew license crashes into Deerfield DMV

I could not pass this one up…

From The Florida Sun-Sentinel:

A woman leaving a Department of Motor Vehicles office where she went for a state-ordered driver’s license retest accidentally plowed her car into the building Wednesday, slightly injuring several people, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Therese Smith, 80, of Boca Raton, was easing out of a parking spot in front of the office at 100 S. Military Trail about 4:30 p.m. when she stepped on the gas too hard, propelling her 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis over a concrete parking block, onto the sidewalk, through a metal parking sign and into the windows of the DMV office, said Sgt. Mark Wysocky, FHP spokesman.

Troopers cited Smith for careless driving. They’re handling the case because, technically, the crash happened on state property.

FHP officials didn’t know why Smith had been ordered to be re-examined for her driver’s license, but they said they would be looking into it. Although Smith couldn’t complete the re-test Wednesday because the passenger-side door of her car was broken and could not be opened for a DMV staffer, Smith’s license remains valid, Wysocky said.

Alright, this is ironic Alanis….

Come on this is funny an elderly woman who is at the DMV for a DV re-test and she runs her car through the window of the DMV!!! :ublmao:

They gave her a ticket? I would think there should be a rule: if you drive your car/vehicle through the DMV building, we revoke your license. I don’t know maybe it is just me, but it just seems right somehow…

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