Russia: Countries That Host U.S. Missile Shield Will Be Targets

From FNC:

Poland and the Czech Republic risk being targeted by Russian missiles if they agree to host elements of the proposed U.S. missile defense system, a top Russian general warned Monday in the latest in a series of increasingly bellicose statements from Moscow.

President Vladimir Putin has said he does not trust U.S. claims that it wants to deploy missile defense components in Europe to counter threats from Iran, and warned that Russia could take retaliatory action.

Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov, head of Russia’s missile forces, said the U.S. move would upset strategic stability.

“If the governments of Poland and the Czech Republic take such a step … the Strategic Missile Forces will be capable of targeting these facilities if a relevant decision is made,” he said.

The United States said last month that it wants to build a missile defense system in eastern Europe to protect the eastern United States and Europe from missiles launched from “rogue nations” in the Middle East. It would be the first such site in Europe.

The Czech government reiterated Monday that the U.S. defense system was not aimed at Russia.

Who cares if it does aim at missile threats from Russia? Does Russia plan on attacking these countries? That is the only threat a defensive missile system provides. I have said it before and I will say it again Russia has it’s long term eye on expanding in Europe again. They are threatening to attack a country for defending itself?

“It is a passive defense against a different threat about which Russia has been informed in detail,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement from Prague. “It is nonsense from a military point of view that Russia could pull out of the treaty banning medium-range missiles and build additional military capabilities as a response to the U.S. missile defense.”

But Solovtsov voiced concerns that Washington, which is planning to deploy 10 interceptors in Poland, could boost their number in the future. He warned that a hypothetical military action could have “grave consequences for all parties involved.”

He also said that it would take only five or six years, or even less, to build new, upgraded versions of missiles scrapped under the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty — the 1987 agreement signed by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan banning medium-range missiles.

“It is not difficult to restore their production,” Solovtsov told a news conference. “The missiles were dismantled, but the production technology has remained.”

At a security conference in Munich earlier this month, Putin said the INF treaty was outdated, and that many nations had since developed medium-range missiles eliminated by Russia and the United States. The chief of the military’s General Staff later warned that Moscow’s decision to pull out of the treaty would depend on whether the United States deploys the missile defense components in Europe.

Solovtsov said Russia would not simply copy the Soviet medium-range SS-20 missiles scrapped under the INF treaty but would develop a new missile with improved performance.

He also said Russia would continue gradually replacing Soviet-built intercontinental ballistic missiles with new Topol-M missiles, and would fully rearm around 2016 while maintaining levels under a 2002 arms control treaty signed by Putin and U.S. President George W. Bush. That treaty obliging both sides to cut their strategic nuclear weapons by about two-thirds by 2012, down between 1,700 to 2,200 missiles.

Putin also warned in Munich that Russia could respond to the deployment of U.S. missile defense in Europe by building new, more efficient weapons. He had previously boasted that Russia was developing new missiles that would be impossible for an enemy to intercept.

“It’s possible to deploy such weapons shortly if the situation requires that,” Solovtsov said, though he refused to elaborate.

He also said the military was considering plans for fitting multiple nuclear warheads to its new Topol-M missiles.

I am telling you Russia has long term plans to regain their prior glory, using the technology and money we gave them to bring them out of the ashes.

Iran Launches Large-Scale War Games Ahead of U.N. Deadline

This is an obvious statement to the U.N. and the U.S….

From FNC:

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran began its largest war games in almost a year Monday, just two days ahead of a U.N. Security Council deadline for Iran to halt uranium enrichment or face further economic sanctions.

The elite Revolutionary Guards began three days of ground maneuvers, state-run media reported Monday.

State television said the exercise is the biggest since last March and is taking place in 16 of Iran’s 30 provinces. The broadcast said an estimated 60,000 troops are participating in the maneuvers.

“All weapons possessed by the Guards’ ground force … including new weapons, will be tested during the war games,” Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi, commander of the Guards’ ground force, was quoted by the official Islamic Republic News Agency as saying Monday.

The Revolutionary Guards is an elite military corps with more than 200,000 members and its own naval and air forces. It is independent of the regular armed forces and controlled directly by the supreme leader. It oversees vital interests such as oil and natural gas installations and the nation’s missile arsenal.

This is for their own citizens as much as the world. They are going to remain defiant people. They are never going to give up on getting the Islamic Bomb.

This begs the question what is the U.N. going to do about it? It appears Putin has gone off the deep end lately and Russia is sounding like the old USSR. Russia has veto power so if they don’t back a resolution with teeth it cannot happen.

XM, Sirius Agree to Blockbuster Satellite Radio Merger

I am not too happy about this…

From FNC:

XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR) and Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (SIRI) have agreed to merge, the two companies said Monday.

The deal would consolidate the only two companies in the emerging business of subscription-only satellite radio, and is sure to face tough scrutiny from federal regulators. Investors and analysts have been speculating about a deal for months.

The two companies said in a statement that Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius, would become chief executive of the new company while Gary Parsons, the chairman of XM, would remain in that role. XM’s CEO Hugh Panero will remain to oversee the closing of the deal, they said.

The deal would face significant regulatory hurdles in Washington, including a Federal Communications Commission rule that clearly states that one satellite radio provider cannot buy the other one. However, that rule could be waived.

A combination would also have to meet antitrust approval from the Department of Justice. The companies are expected to argue that they compete not only with each other but also with a growing base of digital audio sources such as iPods, mobile phones, and non-satellite digital radio.

XM and Sirius have both posted significant financial losses as they built up their programming lineups and recruited subscribers. Both stocks declined more than 40 percent last year on concerns about their continued growth in subscribers and softness in the retail market, but investors have held out hopes that a merger could bring costs down significantly.

Shareholders of XM and Sirius would each own approximately 50 percent of the combined company. XM shareholders would receive 4.6 shares of Sirius stock for each share of XM they own

As a Sirius user I don’t like the idea of a lack of competition. Also, what will happen to the content? Will they keep all the content from both platforms? I want to keep the Sirius talk shows, I am no fan of XMs content.

Democrats Fail to Pass anti-war resolution

By now you all know that The Democrat resolution failed in the Senate on Saturday. They were unable to end debate using a cloture vote. This was a ridiculous non-binding resolution that is doing nothing but playing politics. It accomplishes nothing except to give our enemies in Iraq hope.

Now the Democrats are talking about revisiting the legislation authorizing the President to use force in Iraq. Some are talking about repealing it, others about limiting it to the use of troops for support only. I do not believe this would be Constitutional and would certainly end up in the courts.

Why don’t the hezbocrats give the President’s plan time to work? The only thing I can come up with is that they do not want victory in Iraq. I think their party is now vested in failure in Iraq for political reasons.

Enough is enough people, no one should be playing politics with our men and women in harm’s way. When I was growing up I heard the phrase “politics end at the waters edge”. We need this kind of wisdom again in this country.

Robbery, Immigration Scam, Gang Crime

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This Bank Robber!

Did he strike again?

The Hometown Community Bank in Braselton was robbed in Thursday morning. The suspect remains at large and police think the Hispanic robber may be the same one who robbed another Braselton bank two weeks ago…

…Sheng Feng Sun, aka Joe Sun, 45, of Roswell and Sang Hun Oh, aka Michael Oh, 35, of Norcross, were involved in a money laundering and fraudulent visa scheme to sell, for a fee of $10,000, non-immigrant visas to nonqualifying aliens from May 2003 until January. They are indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday on charges of conspiracy, immigration document fraud and money laundering

…Esteban Pineda, 28 of Norcross took control of a woman’s vehicle and drove her to a secluded area in DeKalb County where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. Pineda then took her to Gwinnett County where he sexually assaulted the woman again. Pineda is charged with false imprisonment, kidnapping, aggravated sodomy, rape, possession of a firearm during a crime, and possession of marijuana…

Marcelo Giovanni Vanegas-Hernandez of Buford used a school computer to purchase $724 in Internet phone cards with a stolen credit card. Guillermo Gonzalez Reinecke, 18, of Buford is accused of providing his password to Vanegas-Hernandez.

18th st


Here’s the latest on gang crime in America…

AZ – Has created a new Gang and Border task force called Arizona Border Strike Force

CA – So. California Gang crime is up 42%

NC – League of the South commentary

NY – MS-13 members arrested:

Fugitive Albin Adalin Zalaya-Zelaya, aka FLACO, 26, and five of his associates. Zelaya was wanted in the State of Texas for burglary of a habitation with intent to commit aggravated assault and federally for illegal re-entry into the United States. Zelaya and his brother, Pablo Donaldo Sevilla Romero, 31, are also wanted by Honduran authorities in connection with the murders of Zelaya’s ex mother-in-law and ex father-in-law, Eleazar and Suyapa Vasquez.

WA – Nortenos members arrested:

The mostly Hispanic gang is rooted in California but has extended its presence and illicit drug dealing into Washington…Nortenos spread into Washington as migrant farm workers moved from Northern California to work in the Yakima area,

History of Nortenos


My Country, My View: Controversy over Immigration Crackdown in Marion

Bear Creek Ledger: Who is that behind the green card – aliens?

For more information on this and other issues plaguing Georgia, please visit the gacrimewatch yahoo group.

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The Uncooperative Radio Show Podcast 02-18-2007

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Title: Banks help illegal aliens and bashing the Communist Hollywood party

Subject: So we want to give credit cards to the illegal alien envaders? Then; bashing the entertainment world. Tune in to the uncooperative real truth.