I can’t get anytime to myself to work!!

It is a conspiracy I tell ya! Yesterday it was going to do chores in Anaconda, today it is our friends laptop which we have been working on for a week. She only has a 21k connection so downloading all the programs I told her to get took forever. Plus, she has a very old computer with windows ME on it so the scans have taken forever.

She had 300 viruses on her computer and about 300 spyware problems! That is truly a record for any computer I have touched! I have no idea how it still functioned!

Now she has to download a firewall program, run more scans, scan disk the hds and defrag and it should be done. That should take her about 3 days and no she has nothing I can use to transfer large files to her computer. The computer has no wireless or ethernet connection so she is stuck on dial-up.

I just spent 4 hours today with her showing her how to use her computer and remove programs and generally cleaning up her computer. Now I need to get ready for my radio show, but at least I make some money off of that endeavor.

I am not complaining, we should always help our friends and neighbors, it just seems that life is getting in the way of my blogging!

Sen. Johnson Moved To Rehab Facility

Good news!

From CBS News:

Two months after his brain hemorrhage, South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson has left a Washington hospital and entered a private rehabilitation facility, his office said Tuesday.

A spokeswoman refused to say whether the senator remained in Washington or was moved to a facility in South Dakota, citing family concerns about media scrutiny. “They just want him to focus on getting better and not worried about outside cameras snapping away,” said spokeswoman Julianne Fisher.

Johnson will continue undergoing physical, occupational and speech therapy at the private facility. Dr. Philip Marion, the hospital’s chief of rehabilitation, said in a statement released by Johnson’s office that the senator has made “great progress” and a final test showed no evidence the tangled arteries that triggered the senator’s hemorrhage remain.

Part of Johnson’s therapy has been to deal with weakness on his right side. Doctors have said the senator showed that weakness when he arrived at the hospital in December.

Johnson’s office has said his recovery is expected to take several months, though he has been doing some work from his bed.

“He’s reading memos, but he still needs time for recovery,” Fisher said.

I am very happy for the family and I hope he has a full recovery.

Retired Admiral Sworn In As Director of Intelligence

New blood…

From WaPo:

Retired Vice Adm. John M. McConnell, sworn in yesterday as the second director of national intelligence, said new technologies and capabilities are needed to collect and analyze intelligence “because today’s threats move at increasing speeds.”

“The time needed to develop a terrorist plot, communicate it around the globe and put it into motion has been drastically reduced,” he told the audience of 300 at his swearing-in ceremony, which included President Bush and the leaders of the nation’s intelligence agencies. “The timeline is no longer a calendar — it is a watch.”

Well, he seems to grasp the situation, now we will have to wait and see what he is going to do about it.

Al Gore May Receive Honorary Doctorate In Climatology

It is a love fest…

From All Headline News:

Former Vice President and current environmental activist Al Gore is under consideration to receive an honorary degree from the University of Minnesota for his work in climatology.

Gore has recently garnered worldwide attention for his Academy Award nominated global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” as well as his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work combating global climate change.

I wonder if he will get a music award for his up and coming concert tour for global warming?

“He’s in the news and is a legitimate expert on a pressing issue of global concern, climate change, so this level of interest is understandable,” Wolter said. “However, no plans have been set and it’s unlikely that would occur this spring.”

Legitimate expert?? Well, I guess he is a qualified as Dr. Heidi Kullen. :wink_ee: