Al Gore May Receive Honorary Doctorate In Climatology

It is a love fest…

From All Headline News:

Former Vice President and current environmental activist Al Gore is under consideration to receive an honorary degree from the University of Minnesota for his work in climatology.

Gore has recently garnered worldwide attention for his Academy Award nominated global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” as well as his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work combating global climate change.

I wonder if he will get a music award for his up and coming concert tour for global warming?

“He’s in the news and is a legitimate expert on a pressing issue of global concern, climate change, so this level of interest is understandable,” Wolter said. “However, no plans have been set and it’s unlikely that would occur this spring.”

Legitimate expert?? Well, I guess he is a qualified as Dr. Heidi Kullen. :wink_ee:

5 thoughts on “Al Gore May Receive Honorary Doctorate In Climatology

  1. Human activity or a natural occurance, i guess many are able to decide for themselves. For those who do not agree with the theory that human beings are doing all of this, i just hope this wouldnt turn into some democrat/liberal(or whatever left wing) kinda issue.

    Al gore may be selling this “we are responsible” nonsense now, but the fact that whole thing is a sham is well known by political/elite groups representing all factions/forms of government(democrat or not).

  2. What kind of degree? I think he should get an honorary BS Degree.
    Al Gore, just for being such a bed-wetter, I think I’m gonna go out and burn some extra fuel tonight.

  3. hehe, Well Dar he is a left wing liberal, and the pster boy of the left. so, he is turning it into a left right issue.

    I don’t think it should be, nor should anything else, but politics are politics. Heck i didn’t know I was conservative until WS told me. ;^)

    I think if you follow all my links it is obvious the science is not solved. Personally i know nature is cyclical and I think it is a cyclical process and there is nothing we can do to affect it. i alos think it is narcissistic to think humans can have this kind of affect on the earth’s climate; how about you?

  4. Yes I don’t think theres any thing we can do about it, or perhaps even if we were to make best possible use of science maybe just maybe we could. But yes I still believe this is a natural occurrence and that at least we aren’t the ones contributing significantly to factors that affect global warming. I also believe that THIS FACT IS WELL KNOWN BY KEY FIGURES in both forms of governments, be they democrat or republican. I believe this has been the case at least since the GBA in 96’. This is also why I do not believe this has anything to do with the left, right or centre. They just play games and plans allocated to each party get followed. Parties fight about different issues and yet the final results are always reached no matter which party like, free trade & Nafta, The COSCO issue, gun control, Afghanistan, Iraq, security & control big brother measures, banking & corporate reform, globalization.
    As to the issue of the climate, I can not confirm this, but I heard someone at BBC say that now even Arnold agrees that the science adds up & that Gore probably has something here. So now is this really a left right game?
    I believe the whole war on global warming is as big as big a hoax as the war on terror. Just like we all agree that G.warming is actually taking place, so is it also the case with terrorism. But who the hell is responsible is the issue in either case is the real question. When people are cornered with science that or facts that just do not add up & are faced with facts that instead do, they immediately jump to popular belief and that is the real problem. And don’t expect anything real about g.warming from the media, there are beyond a shadow of a doubt pressured into reporting certain things and not reporting others. Its hardly been a week since the BBC was caught red handed trying to avoid the fact that in 01’ they reported the fall WTC building 7 half an hour before it happened (like other networks like CNN did too; probably because there was a common source for this leaked information from government officials). Now they had to lie further by saying they lost all footage of 9/11 due to “cock-ups”. The media is controlled, period. Don’t expect them to tell you that volcanic eruptions in the past have put out more CO2 than human have put out all together. Blow away they 5 corporations that play with the news & you may just get the truth for once.

  5. No No not “****-ups” i didnt say that, i said “cock-ups”, thats exactly whatthe BBC said. I guess the automatic censor out here would make it appear as though i was trying to say something else.

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