I can’t get anytime to myself to work!!

It is a conspiracy I tell ya! Yesterday it was going to do chores in Anaconda, today it is our friends laptop which we have been working on for a week. She only has a 21k connection so downloading all the programs I told her to get took forever. Plus, she has a very old computer with windows ME on it so the scans have taken forever.

She had 300 viruses on her computer and about 300 spyware problems! That is truly a record for any computer I have touched! I have no idea how it still functioned!

Now she has to download a firewall program, run more scans, scan disk the hds and defrag and it should be done. That should take her about 3 days and no she has nothing I can use to transfer large files to her computer. The computer has no wireless or ethernet connection so she is stuck on dial-up.

I just spent 4 hours today with her showing her how to use her computer and remove programs and generally cleaning up her computer. Now I need to get ready for my radio show, but at least I make some money off of that endeavor.

I am not complaining, we should always help our friends and neighbors, it just seems that life is getting in the way of my blogging!

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