Sen. Johnson Moved To Rehab Facility

Good news!

From CBS News:

Two months after his brain hemorrhage, South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson has left a Washington hospital and entered a private rehabilitation facility, his office said Tuesday.

A spokeswoman refused to say whether the senator remained in Washington or was moved to a facility in South Dakota, citing family concerns about media scrutiny. “They just want him to focus on getting better and not worried about outside cameras snapping away,” said spokeswoman Julianne Fisher.

Johnson will continue undergoing physical, occupational and speech therapy at the private facility. Dr. Philip Marion, the hospital’s chief of rehabilitation, said in a statement released by Johnson’s office that the senator has made “great progress” and a final test showed no evidence the tangled arteries that triggered the senator’s hemorrhage remain.

Part of Johnson’s therapy has been to deal with weakness on his right side. Doctors have said the senator showed that weakness when he arrived at the hospital in December.

Johnson’s office has said his recovery is expected to take several months, though he has been doing some work from his bed.

“He’s reading memos, but he still needs time for recovery,” Fisher said.

I am very happy for the family and I hope he has a full recovery.

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