The Uncooperative Radio Show! February 28, 2007

CANCELED!!! The server would not let us on to our show, so obviously it was a bust.

We are going to try again tomorrow night 8pm eastern Thursday the 29th

I almost forgot to post this!!


We are just rocking over on Talkshoe Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday 8pm to 10pm Eastern Time.

You never know what I am going to be talking about, so you will just have to tune in, or wait for the podcast. The podcasts automatically appear in the left sidebar, I hope you enjoy that feature.

They are also paying us based on the amount of listeners, interactive listeners and downloads from their site. So if you have the time or inclination, listen from my talkshoe page, from the left sidebar or download the podcast from the shows homepage.

Saturdays Sundays and Wednesdays!
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Anyone can listen, but to call you must have an account. If you download the software you can also interact with the show and others logged in, with live chat!

Russia: Hamas to end attacks against Israel

Well here is some positive news…

From USA Today:

Hamas supreme leader Khaled Mashaal promised during a meeting Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow that the militant Palestinian group will end missile attacks and other violence against Israel, Lavrov said.

However, Mashaal said his group is not ready to recognize the Jewish state. Renouncing violence and recognizing Israel are key demands of international peace negotiators before ending a financial aid boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

Hopeful, but we will see how ling this lasts. I mean, if they do not recognize Israel’s right to exist they must be planning on doing something about that, right?

College professor spied for Cuba

From the BBC:

A Cuban-born university professor and his wife who pleaded guilty to spying for Cuba have been jailed in the US.

Carlos Alvarez, 61, and his 56-year-old wife, Elsa, received a five and three-year term respectively for exchanging coded messages with Cuba.

Both said they took responsibility for their actions but had wanted to establish an open dialogue with Cuba.

But a Miami district judge said that their behaviour had undermined US foreign policy towards the country.

“As we know, a good motive is never an excuse for criminal conduct,” Miami Judge Michael Moore said before he sentenced the couple.

The pair were accused of sending coded messages about fellow Cuban-American exiles living in Miami back to Cuba.

Carlos Alvarez was accused of being in contact with Cuban intelligence agencies since 1977.

They claim that there was no secret information shared with Cuba, but as the U.S. attorney points out they went through great lengths to hide their identity and used codded messages. That really doe not sound like idle chit-chat to me.

Iraq Invites All of it’s Neighbors, including Iran and Syria to Regional Conference

the Boston globe reports that The United States agreed yesterday to join high-level talks with Iran and Syria on the future of Iraq.

The move was announced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in testimony on Capitol Hill, after Iraq said it had invited neighboring states, the United States, and other nations to a pair of regional conferences.

“I would note that the Iraqi government has invited all of its neighbors, including Syria and Iran, to attend both of these regional meetings,” Rice told the Senate Appropriations Committee. “We hope that all governments will seize this opportunity to improve the relations with Iraq and to work for peace and stability in the region.”

The first meeting, at the ambassadorial level, will be held next month. Then, Rice herself will sit down at the table with the foreign ministers from Damascus and Tehran at a second meeting in April elsewhere in the region, possibly Istanbul.

Iraq can choose how and who to seek diplomatic relations, but the Left is trying to spin this into the Bush Administration changing its position on Iran and Syria. that is not the case, Iraq put this together not the U.S. You don’t believe me? Go read the boston globes article and see how they chose to report this news.

U.S., N. Korea to normalize ties

Just watching the progress of the diplomacy in N. Korea…

From The Washington times:

North Korea’s top nuclear negotiator was on his way to the United States yesterday for talks on issues that a State Department official said would include the first steps toward the normalization of diplomatic relations.
The trip, which coincides with the first high-level talks between North Korea and South Korea in more than four months, reflects the rapid easing of tensions with President Kim Jong-il’s regime since North Korea agreed this month to freeze its nuclear program in exchange for heavy fuel oil and other concessions.
Kim Kye-gwan, North Korea’s vice minister of foreign affairs, arrived in Beijing yesterday and was expected in San Francisco tomorrow, a State Department official told The Washington Times. He will continue to New York for talks with his U.S. negotiating counterpart, Christopher Hill, which will likely begin early next week.
At a State Department briefing yesterday, spokesman Sean McCormack said the two would begin a process of normalization described in the nuclear deal concluded with Pyongyang on Feb. 13 in Beijing.

The Uncooperative Radio Podcast February 25 2007

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Title: Anglicans face danger of split. Jihad chic clothes introduced in London. Top ten corrupt politicians. The Armed Citizen.

Subject: Brian puts Reverend hat on and talks about changes in faith, modern religion and Islam. Then “the ten most wanted corrupt politicians for 2006”.

Anglicans face danger of split, bishop reports

Spencer: Sharia Chic Comes to London

The Uncooperative Radio Podcast February 24 2007

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Title: Illegal immigration roundup, our elected cockroaches are increasing your taxes

Subject: NYU and find the illegal alien day, listen to the show to find out what all about it. Our elected cockroaches can’t wait to raise our taxes, Brian will tell you why it shouldn’t be. Then what ever happened to the sentence of “treason” and crazy Iran resort wants “women only”. Brian was in a real mood this night!