Russia Arming Syria?

From The Jerusalem Post:

Jerusalem aimed harsh criticism at Russia on Friday for its decision to supply Syria with advanced missiles, including anti-aircraft missiles and new anti-tank missiles that can penetrate Western-made tanks.

Senior Israeli officials expressed concerns that the arms would be transferred to Hizbullah, warning that missiles that were supplied to Syria in the past got into the hands of the group and were used against IDF tanks during the summer’s war in Lebanon.

Tell me Russia is not trying to rebuild the Soviet empire, every move they have been making lately seems to be to secure power for themselves. why would anyone sell weapons to an obvious rogue nation like Syria? The U.N. states that weapons and missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon went through Syria. So why would Russia want to sell them advanced weapons?

What about this story?

Syria has spent the past few months constructing and moving infrastructure to its southern border that could be used to launch a war against Israel, senior defense officials have told The Jerusalem Post.

According to the officials, the Syrian military – while restricted in the number of troops it is allowed to deploy along the border – has moved military infrastructure, including fuel depots, closer to the frontier. The Syrians have also built structures in the area that could serve as weapons stores and military bases.

“There is no doubt that something out of the ordinary is taking place on the Syrian side of the border,” a high-ranking official said.

The IDF and Syria raised their levels of alert along the Golan Heights during the second Lebanon war last summer. The IDF has noted a reinforcement of forces on the Syrian side but the meaning of the move is unclear. Some security officials believe Syria is preparing to initiate a war. Others believe that President Bashar Assad is concerned that Syria will be attacked by Israel as Lebanon was last summer, and that the beefing-up of forces is a defensive measure.

If you were Israel what would you make out of these two pieces of information?

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