Iraqi PM condemns ‘illegal’ raid

This is B.S. and I am getting sick of Malaki… :furious:

From the BBC:

Iraq’s prime minister has called for an investigation into Sunday’s raid by Iraqi and British forces in Basra on an intelligence agency detention centre.

Nouri Maliki issued a statement calling for those behind the “illegal and irresponsible act” to be punished.

The British military said the raid was part of an operation led by Iraqi counter-terrorist forces who were seeking a “known death squad leader”.

It said evidence of torture had been found at the southern Iraqi facility.

“The prime minister has ordered a prompt investigation into the incident of breaking into the security complex headquarters in Basra,” a statement released by Mr Maliki’s office said.

The British military responded with a statement saying the National Iraqi Intelligence Agency headquarters was not deliberately targeted and was only entered because of information gained in preceding raids.

“During the operation, Iraqi forces discovered around 30 prisoners, including a woman and two children, who were being held, and many of whom showed signs of torture and abuse,” the statement said.

It went on to say that Iraqi forces broke down locked doors, which led to the escape of a number of prisoners but rejected reports Iraqi forces deliberately released the prisoners.

Earlier in Basra, five people were held on suspicion of involvement in roadside bomb attacks against the multinational forces and Iraqi civilians, as well as kidnaps, torture and murder.

The Iraqi forces and the Brits were doing their job and Malaki is embarrassed they discovered his little torture center. I say it is time to start really threaten Malaki. :crackwhip:

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