ACLU condemned for ‘attacking’ veterans memorials during time of war

The ACLU is still at it…

From One News Now:

A constitutional attorney says instead of thanking American veterans for their service, the American Civil Liberties Union is “dishonoring” them by attacking their memorials across the United States.

The American Legion has announced that it is teaming up with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and Liberty Legal Institute in a campaign to fight ACLU efforts to remove religious symbols from war memorials. The ACLU has already filed suit to remove crosses at veterans’ memorials, like the Mt. Soledad cross in San Diego and the Sunrise Rock cross in the Mojave Desert, which is now covered by a box.

At a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Liberty Legal attorney Hiram Sasser accused the ACLU of engaging in “a war against honor and valor.” He said it is “inconceivable in a time of war such as now that the ACLU and others would be attacking the memorials, the very symbols of honor and sacrifice of our national heritage.

“These symbols and these memorials serve as reminders to all of us of the great sacrifice and courage and valor of our veterans,” Sasser observed. The ACLU and its allies “have no respect, decency or shame,” he added.

At that same news conference, ADF senior vice president Joe Infranco noted that it has never been unconstitutional for a memorial to have a religious symbol. “The will of the public expressed so clearly by voters and Congress is being attacked by a few individuals whose legal theory is based on a claim that they are offended,” he pointed out.[snip]

ADF and Liberty Legal are offering pro-bono representation to any municipality that is sued for displaying a veterans memorial that contains religious symbols. Infranco said his group is on a “search and protect mission” to defend America’s veterans memorials from the “misguided fanaticism” of the ACLU.

Thank goodness that they are teaming up to fight the ACLU for free. The ACLU bullies local municipalities into pulling Crosses from memorials and seals. If you are offended by the cross tough! The constitution does not guarantee you freedom FROM religion or from being offended; suck it up. Atheism is, in itself a religion. you must BELIEVE there is no God without any proof.

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