In Defense of Nativism

Cross posted by request from Conservative Times:

It’s a sad state of affairs when you hear left-wingers, neocons and
Trotskyites denounce any strain of “nativism” that they might perceive.
In an almost 1984 fashion, they have taken one of the highest
virtues and transformed it into an alleged vice. They have also
bolstered a left-wing idea, the “proposition nation” (i.e. only ideas
are fundamental for the survival of a nation), and attempt to peddle it
as a virtue.

The word ‘native’ is related to the word ‘nation’ because both come from the Latin nascere, implying link by blood. Any true nation will be based in blood and soil, kith and kin, and genophilia
(instinctive attachment to family and tribe). ‘Nation’, as the Latin
suggests, is a group of people ancestrally related. Thus, ‘nativism’ is
nothing more than support of an authentic nation. Any true patriot will
be a nativist. I’m proud to be a nativist.

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