Political Party Options

I went on a mission to find other political parties besides Democrat and Republican. this is what I found:

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2 thoughts on “Political Party Options

  1. It is time for the people to take a proactive role in shaping our future of the United States of America- it will start somewhere.
    George Washington warned the nation of the impact of political parties have on our nation in his Farewell Address. Obviously we see that impact today. We only vote them in and out. Though easy deductive reasoning- He was hoping the people would do what private parties do for us. Therefore we would have a public service. A non-partisan political service that brings individuals forward for candidacy. I have petitioned for this very service in Georgetown County, S.C, County Council. This is how I feel we, as the people would naturally bring forward our candidates in the most fair way possible in a public service to take care of the people’s business that would compete with private political parties.

    You might say “Why would we want to add more government?” We as a nation can privatize almost anything but one thing we as a nation can no longer afford to privatize is our representation! If we create such a public service, then the people can set preconditions to those who we elect though bi-laws. The people within that county have complete control of this new entity because we vote on the bi-laws along with a president.

    Our current politicians seek donations from private individuals and private companies. With trillions of dollars spent on campaigns, the people cannot resolve any problems that contradict what our private businesses want. Ironically those same businesses we buy goods from would rather see a politician that puts what they say in writing. Therefore they can use this information along with a business plan to get loans and further their companies. The companies only invest in our representatives because of the conditions of using political parties. Companies are by nature non-partisan. They just don’t know of any other way, an alternative way, a much better way.

    There are many types of governments in this word. America is special in the fact we have a representative government. In every government the buck stops somewhere. In our government- the buck stops with the people. It is up to the people today to create this entity. Simply put- A representative government is not sustainable without clear and constant communication between the people and our representatives. Also the fact that you cannot call free enterprise FREE as long as there are businesses getting an unfair advantage over others. It all starts with the people deciding to bring candidates forward ourselves rather than depending on political parties to do it for us.

    This is not a revolution or protest which makes this situation unique. This is the awakening of the people realizing a problem and then realizing there is a better way. Or we can decide to do nothing and stay on our path. I am only one man with limited resources that will do what I can in a peaceful manner only to hope other Americans will see what I see.




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