Radio show sources 08/03/07 – 08/05/07


Titles: The Second Amendment report. Brian goes after schools, teachers, unions and government.

Subjects: The Second Amendment report featuring the Armed Citizen report. Top 10 Campus Conservative Activists. Unions want your children to be indoctrinated from cradle to grave, Brian will tell you how they intend to do it.


Top 10 Campus Conservative Activists

Seeking to Expand Ranks and Increase Salaries, Not Improve Education



Subjects: The Illegal alien weekly lighting roundup. A new segment called: The Dumb Ass Segment!! The Uncooperative radio show’s eye on countries that constantly try to screw us, starting with: Yes, free trade is such a good thing, NOT! The Uncooperative radio show host will analyze the growing problem.


Fenced In,2933,291791,00.html

List of Toys Being Recalled,2933,291793,00.html

Telemundo Newscaster Mirthala Salinas Suspended for Two Months Over Affair With L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa,2933,291977,00.html

Video Game Lets Players Be Immigrants Fleeing Law,2933,292016,00.html

The US Military Bullying Canadian Citizens???

Saudi’s Developing Nuclear Weapons

Watch Your Language,2933,291935,00.html


U.S. fines airlines over price fixing,1,4165738.story?coll=la-headlines-business

Russia claims North Pole with Arctic flag stunt


Titles: Ups and downs for the week. Our Military heroes. The Looney Tuney Global Warming report.

Subjects: Ups and downs for the week.Then our Military heroes. And the Looney Tuney Global Warming report. Then Government vs. the Environment.


House Passes Foreign Surveillance Bill,2933,292140,00.html

Two Friends Survive Blast in Iraq, Receive Purple Hearts Together,%20Receive%20Purple%20Hearts%20Together.aspx

Wildfires Cause State of Emergency in Montana,2933,292181,00.html

House Passes Foreign Surveillance Bill,2933,292140,00.html

Global Warming Skeptics Advance, Says Inhofe

Green Groups Want Home Depot to Pull Ads From Fox

Nevada’s Most Infamous Brothel, Mustang Ranch, Back In Business,2933,292166,00.html

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